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Palgrave Study Skills: Be the best student you can be.

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Taschen - Bibliotheca Universalis

Saqi Books: Progressive International Fiction and Non-Fiction

The BOOKS etc. Club

  • Sex Object (Paperback)
    Previously published in hardcover: 2016.
    From £7.43
    Save £2.56
  • Since it first aired in 2011, Game of Thrones galloped up...
    From £10.32
    Save £1.67
  • The Vanishing (Hardback)
    Already a Sunday Times bestselling author, The Vanishing ...
    From £9.54
    Save £3.45
  • Manhattan's Babe (Hardback)
    A nostalgic and bittersweet love story, Manhattan's Babe ...
    From £16.52
    Save £11.48
  • From £21.44
    Save £16.56
  • From £9.93
    Save £10.06
  • The Reality Frame (Hardback)
    Life, the universe and everything from science communicat...
    From £11.48
    Save £8.52
  • Any Ideas (Paperback)
    Whatever your goals, the ideas and techniques in this boo...
    From £5.88
    Save £3.11
  • I Love My BBQ (Paperback)
    Transform your barbecue skills with techniques and recipe...
    From £7.82
    Save £5.17


Haynes Manuals

F&W Media: Arts, Crafts, Hobbies & More


  • The Art of Hunting (Hardback)
    The Guardian has said 'Campbell owes heavy debts to Mervy...
  • The Hidden Family (Paperback)
    The second volume of 'The Merchant Princes' - Charles Str...
    From £5.39
    Save £2.60
  • The Line of Polity (Paperback)
    Full-scale action SF by one of Britain's most popular new...
    From £8.15
    Save £2.84
  • The Golden Torc (Bk 2) (Paperback)
    They have embraced the past to escape the future.
  • The Emperor's Blades (1) (Paperback)
    The first book in this excellent fantasy series.
    From £6.68
    Save £1.31
  • The Last Mortal Bond (3) (Paperback)
    From £7.18
    Save £1.81
  • Unwrapped Sky (1) (Paperback)
    A blend of science fantasy from a new voice in the genre ...
    From £7.18
    Save £1.81
  • Ruin (3) (Hardback)
    In the vein of George R.
  • The Last Colony (3) (Paperback)
    The third book in John Scalzi's exciting sci-fi series wh...
    From £6.68
    Save £1.31

Pan 70

Lonely Planet: Your Guide to the Planet

Board and Tabletop Gaming

Galore Park

Children's Books, from Quarto

Young Adult Fiction - Harper Collins

  • The Elite (2) (Paperback)
    The Selection gets fierce as rivals stake their claim on ...
    From £4.94
    Save £3.05
  • Sky Key (2) (Paperback)
    The thrilling sequel to the New York Times bestseller and...
    From £6.25
    Save £1.74
  • The heart-rending and inspiring novel from the critically...
    From £4.94
    Save £3.05
  • Carve the Mark (Hardback)
    Fans of Star Wars and Divergent will revel in internation...
    From £9.28
    Save £5.71
  • The Thousandth Floor (Paperback)
    Welcome to Manhattan, 2118.A thousand-storey tower stretc...
    From £6.25
    Save £1.74
  • The Witch's Kiss (1) (Paperback)
    Can true love's kiss save the day...? Electrify...
    From £6.25
    Save £1.74
  • The Cemetery Boys (Paperback)
    From £6.24
    Save £1.75
  • If you asked anyone in his small Vermont town, they'd tel...
    From £10.40
    Save £2.59
  • Flamecaster (1) (Paperback)

Manchester University Press: Passionate about Good Books

  • Maurice Pialat (Paperback)
    One of the most gifted French directors of the post New W...
    From £11.04
    Save £4.95
  • Priestley'S England (Paperback)
    Priestley's England explores the cultural, literary and p...
    From £11.04
    Save £4.95
  • `England'S Darling' (Paperback)
    In the nineteenth century, Alfred the Great was a figure ...
    From £12.23
    Save £5.76
  • Romania's predatory rulers, the heirs of the sinister com...
    From £11.63
    Save £5.36
  • Mother and Child (Paperback)
    From £11.04
    Save £4.95
  • So Clean (Paperback)
    A fully contextualized, critical biography of William Hes...
    From £11.04
    Save £4.95
  • Theorising Media (Paperback)
    Issues of power, form and subjectivity are at the centre ...
    From £11.04
    Save £4.95
  • An insightful study of the master filmmaker's work, enric...
    From £11.04
    Save £4.95
  • How do kids become engaged with brands?
    From £12.94
    Save £4.05

Education, NLP, Coaching, Hypnotherapy & Self Help, from Crown House

Nourish Books: Publishers of Cookery, Nutritional Health, and Wellness Books

  • Overcoming Arthritis (Paperback)
    Lessen the symptoms and reduce the discomfort of arthriti...
    From £6.37
    Save £3.62
  • Miracle of Garlic (Paperback)
    An indispensable guide to garlic - a vital ingredient o...
    From £4.88
    Save £2.11
  • Overcoming Asthma (Paperback)
    Discover the natural way to reduce the effects of asthma ...
    From £6.37
    Save £3.62
  • The Natural Menopause Plan (Other merchandise)
    Proven to be one of the most effective treatment plans - ...
  • The Raw Food Diet (Paperback)
    Presenting a fresh way of eating that will help you get i...
    From £6.85
    Save £4.14
  • Pig (Hardback)
    Discover the secrets of cooking with pork to create amazi...
    From £12.56
    Save £7.44
  • Take your juicing to a whole new level with nutrient-pack...
    From £6.85
    Save £4.14
  • Meet Your Matcha (Hardback)
    From teas and smoothies to cakes and savoury dishes, here...
    From £6.37
    Save £3.62
  • I Love Soup (Paperback)
    Whether you want a light, low-fat broth, a creamy winter-...
    From £7.13
    Save £5.86

Pluto Press: Radical, Political, Independent Publishing

  • Political Sociology (Paperback)
    This classic text deals with a broad range of questions c...
    From £21.55
    Save £3.44
  • The Crowned Harp (Paperback)
    Important lessons about the nature of policing in divided...
  • Explores the contested role of 'veiling' over last 150 ye...
  • Leila Khaled (Paperback)
    Compelling account of a legendary Palestinian resistance ...
    From £10.41
    Save £4.58
  • Examination of media coverage of the current conflict in ...
    From £13.42
    Save £6.57
  • The Dutch Atlantic (Paperback)
    This story of Dutch involvement in Atlantic slavery
  • An exploration into the lives of young Arabs growing up i...
    From £16.45
    Save £8.54
  • Fateful Triangle (Paperback)
    A devastating indictment of American and Israeli foreign ...
    From £12.94
    Save £4.05
  • A new, beautiful edition of this classic and groundbreaki...
    From £9.22
    Save £3.77

Harper Voyager

  • Gold (Paperback)
    The last Isaac Asimov science fiction collection which co...
    From £7.13
    Save £2.86
  • The Black Raven (Paperback)
    Book ten of the celebrated Deverry series, an epic fantas...
    From £6.68
    Save £5.31
  • Into a Dark Realm (2) (Paperback)
    The second book in the Darkwar series, from world-wide be...
    From £7.13
    Save £2.86
  • Temeraire (1) (Paperback)
    Naomi Novik's stunning series of novels follow the global...
    From £6.68
    Save £2.31
  • A Crown Imperilled (2) (Paperback)
    The penultimate volume of the mighty Riftwar Cycle from b...
    From £7.13
    Save £1.86
  • Servant of the Empire (Paperback)
    Second in Feist & Wurts' wonderful epic trilogy - one of ...
    From £7.56
    Save £3.43
  • Dark Matter (5) (Paperback)
    The fifth book in the epic saga of humankind's war of tra...
    From £6.68
    Save £2.31
  • The Crimson Crown (4) (Paperback)
    The stunning final book in the critically acclaimed Seven...
    From £6.68
    Save £2.31
  • The Ice Dragon (Hardback)
    An enchanting tale of courage and sacrifice for young rea...
    From £7.13
    Save £5.86

William Collins

  • Henry Stuart's life is the last great forgotten Jacobean ...
    From £13.64
    Save £11.36
  • Catullus' Bedspread (Paperback)
    A biography of Gaius Valerius Catullus, Rome's first grea...
    From £7.13
    Save £2.86
  • In a Dark Wood (Paperback)
    A story of love and grief. `I became a widower and a fath...
    From £5.39
    Save £3.60
  • Being Wagner (Hardback)
    The perfect introduction to the Master.
    From £7.99
    Save £7.00
  • At the age of only 36, Sir Mark Sykes was signatory to th...
    From £13.64
    Save £11.36
  • `A stunning reappraisal of Henry VIII's fifth wife ...
    From £13.64
    Save £11.36
  • The Otters' Tale (Hardback)
    Shortlisted for THE WAINWRIGHT PRIZE 2017`The best popula...
    From £10.15
    Save £6.84
  • In the Darkroom (Hardback)
    From £10.15
    Save £6.84
  • Hidden Figures (Hardback)
    #1 New York Times BestsellerNOW A MAJOR MOTION PICTUREOsc...
    From £10.15
    Save £6.84

Graffeg Publishing - Art, Photography and Children's Books.

AA Books

Springer Blue Sale is here—save up to 50% in Medicine

Curious Fox - Super Sale

  • Too Many Carrots (Paperback)
    Rabbit has too many carrots, which overtake his house.
    From £5.11
    Save £1.88
  • Children of Icarus (Paperback)
    It's Clara who's desperate to enter the labyrinth and it'...
    From £5.11
    Save £1.88
  • Lazy Crafternoon (Paperback)
    This how-to book shows readers how to create a large numb...
    From £6.68
    Save £3.31
  • Waking in Time (Paperback)
    Communicating across time through a buried time capsule, ...
    From £6.95
    Save £1.04
  • Twelve-year-old Nell Perkins knows there is magic at work...
    From £6.95
    Save £1.04
  • Botanical Beauty (Paperback)
    Soak, scrub and soothe your way to relaxation with simple...
    From £6.68
    Save £3.31
  • Zinnia and the Bees (Paperback)
    The hive of honeybees living in Zinnia's hair is actually...
    From £4.36
    Save £2.63
  • Hair-pocalypse (Paperback)
    A bad hair day seems like the end of the world.
    From £5.11
    Save £1.88
  • Strange Alchemy (Paperback)
    On Roanoke Island, the legend of the Lost Colony and the ...
    From £4.77
    Save £3.22


  • Collected Poems (Hardback)
    The definitive collection of Sean O'Brien's poetry, drawn...
  • Collected Stories (Hardback)
    The collected stories of an American master, with a new i...
    From £12.07
    Save £6.92
  • A sparkling, enchanting, one-of-a-kind novel about one da...
    From £7.82
    Save £5.17
  • Sentenced to Life (Paperback)
    From £6.37
    Save £3.62
  • Bridget Jones's Diary (Paperback)
    Welcome to Bridget's first diary: mercilessly funny, endl...
    From £5.39
    Save £2.60
  • Blood Meridian (32) (Paperback)
    'I have rarely encountered anything as powerful, as unset...
    From £7.18
    Save £1.81
  • 2666 (45) (Paperback)
    From £9.12
    Save £3.87
  • Not Working (Hardback)
    From £9.12
    Save £3.87
  • The Tobacconist (Paperback)
    From £5.88
    Save £3.11

Back to School - Secondary

Arts & Craft Books from Guild of Master Craftsman Publications

  • Whether you're a professional builder or a homeowner abou...
    From £7.99
    Save £7.00
  • Success with Routing (Paperback)
    Whether you are interested in bench woodworking and are t...
    From £13.31
    Save £1.68
  • Only you can know what kind of kitchen you need.
  • Shows us that 'natural' need not be bland with the range ...
    From £7.13
    Save £5.86
  • The Party Dress (Paperback)
    Contains step-by-step instructions for sewing four party ...
    From £9.28
    Save £5.71
  • Wired Jewelry (Paperback)
    Helps jewellers and crafters create unique and beautiful ...
    From £7.99
    Save £7.00
  • Woodturning Evolution (Paperback)
    The authors have developed a novel approach to woodturnin...
    From £8.85
    Save £8.14
  • X Stitch (Paperback)
    Features 19 projects that are designed to appeal to both ...
    From £7.13
    Save £5.86
  • Features 24 step-by-step projects of varying difficulty, ...
    From £7.99
    Save £7.00

Jacaranda: Celebrating Cultural, Ethnic and Social Diversity in Literature

Wooden Books

  • Mazes and Labyrinths (Paperback)
    This tiny book is a beautiful and thought-provoking guide...
    From £4.40
    Save £1.59
  • Containing many engravings and ground plans, this guidebo...
    From £4.40
    Save £1.59
  • Symmetry (Paperback)
    Why on earth do cars have the same symmetry as dragonflies?
    From £4.40
    Save £1.59
  • Weaving (Paperback)
    From £4.40
    Save £1.59
  • Demonstrating how it is possible to prepare gorgeous meal...
    From £4.40
    Save £1.59
  • Hiding in the woods, meadows, lakes and caves of Britain'...
    From £4.40
    Save £1.59
  • Celtic Pattern (Paperback)
    In this exquisite pocket book, author and artist Adam Tet...
    From £4.40
    Save £1.59
  • Rhetoric (Paperback)
    When is it better to use an analogy rather than a simile ...
    From £4.40
    Save £1.59
  • Designa (Hardback)
    From £11.09
    Save £5.90

Assouline: Luxury Books on Fashion, Travel, Design, Art, Architecture & Cuisine

Discover Phaidon's Children's Books

  • The Trail Game (Hardback)
    Follow the trail through the pages with your finger
    From £5.80
    Save £2.15
  • Can I Eat That? (Hardback)
    A whimsical-yet factual-series of questions and answers a...
    From £7.42
    Save £3.53
  • Animals eat animals in this informative expose of three a...
    From £9.25
    Save £2.70
  • A graphically stunning, first-ever volume of nautical cod...
    From £9.80
    Save £3.15
  • Blue & Other Colours (Board book)
    Fine artists are paired with early learning concepts in t...
    From £5.23
    Save £1.72
  • Toto's Apple (Hardback)
    Creativity and perseverance lead to unexpected success fo...
    From £7.96
    Save £3.99
  • Hug This Book! (Hardback)
    An energetic, heartfelt, and humorous ode to book love
    From £7.42
    Save £3.53
  • Before & After (Board book)
    An enticing collection of before-and-after scenarios, cre...
    From £8.00
    Save £0.95
  • Are You A Monkey? (Hardback)
    A game of animal charades that will leave readers guessin...
    From £7.42
    Save £3.53

Augmented Reality from Carlton Publishing

BFI Publishing: Film Classics

The Valerian Series

New History, Current Affairs & Art Book Publishing, from I.B.Tauris

The UK’s Largest Local & Specialist History Publisher

Princeton University Press: Bringing Scholarly Ideas to the World.

  • The Children of Noah (Paperback)
    Recreates the fascinating world of Jewish seafaring from ...
    From £35.65
  • Addresses the question, Why did Athenian democracy work a...
    From £28.17
    Save £20.78
  • Gifted Tongues (Paperback)
    Seeking to understand adolescents as social actors, this ...
    From £25.99
    Save £18.96
  • Drawing on Louis Kahn's notion that a good architect neve...
    From £15.02
    Save £9.93
  • Presents the findings on one of the most intensely invest...
    From £47.19
    Save £34.76
  • Covering 20 species recognized since 2002, this edition i...
    From £9.58
    Save £5.37
  • Resisting History (Paperback)
    Nineteenth-century European thought, especially in German...
    From £16.71
    Save £11.24
  • Reading Obama (Hardback)
    Derided by the Right as dangerous and by the Left as spin...
    From £12.32
    Save £7.63
  • The Poison King (Paperback)
    Claiming Alexander the Great and Darius of Persia as ance...
    From £10.92
    Save £4.03

Maps & Travel Guides from Marco Polo

Food & Drink, Craft & Home Style: Beautiful Gift Books from Ryland Peters & Small

Military History, Art, Sport & More, from Casemate

Mind, Body & Spirit from Singing Dragon

The Latest Military Releases from Osprey Publishing