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Summer Reads - Holiday Books For The Whole Family

  • Black Box (Paperback)
    Over the course of five years, Mikki and Crush have cross...
  • Killing Floor (1) (Paperback)
    Margrave has just had its first homicide in thirty years.
    From £7.01
    Save £0.98
  • Strumpet City (Paperback)
    Strumpet City, is, simply, one of the best Irish novels o...
    From £7.56
    Save £2.43
  • Paris Architect (Paperback)
    The paperback release about an architect who reluctantly ...
    From £8.45
    Save £1.54
  • With unparalleled knowledge and passion, John Freely guid...
    From £11.52
    Save £8.48
  • In this book, Sheila Fitzpatrick provides a unique insigh...
    From £12.61
    Save £9.89
  • The Serpent House (Paperback)
    From £5.65
    Save £1.34
  • From £4.83
    Save £3.16
  • Fashion Designer (Paperback)
    From £3.12
    Save £0.87

SAGE - Learning Matters

World War One Centenary

SAGE Counselling

Management Pocket Books

FW Media - Arts and Crafts

Lund Humphries

Capstone - Achieve Your Goals

  • This is the long awaited second-edition of Paul McGee's i...
    From £6.51
    Save £4.48
  • How Not to Worry (Paperback)
    Paul McGee's Self-Confi dence has sold over 32,000 copi...
    From £6.51
    Save £4.48
  • Learn to be a people person with international bestsellin...
    From £6.51
    Save £4.48
  • Get Productive! (Paperback)
    Rewire your brain and overcome the 20 key time drains tha...
    From £7.43
    Save £5.56
  • Be a people magnet! Improving your people skills and be...
    From £6.51
    Save £4.48
  • Mindfulness (Paperback)
    Be calm, collected and in the moment Too often, life ju...
    From £6.51
    Save £4.48
  • Find your purpose. Make a change.
    From £6.51
    Save £4.48
  • Brand Famous (Paperback)
    Make your business a house-hold name Have you ever noti...
    From £8.36
    Save £6.63
  • When it comes to relationships, reality rules.
    From £7.43
    Save £5.56

Bloomsbury Bird Books

Radcliffe Lifelong, learning for healthcare Professionals

Bond 11+ from Oxford

Timber Press - Great Gardening

Old Street Publishing

Travel Inspiration 2014

Xenophobe's Guides

Elliott & Thompson Books

Everything you need for 11+ success — from CGP

Lonely Planet - Pocket Guides

  • Copenhagen Encounter (Paperback)
    Lonely Planet Pocket Copenhagen is your passport to all t...
    From £5.26
    Save £2.73
  • Lonely Planet Angkor Wat & Siem Reap Encounter is your pa...
  • Pocket Rome (Paperback)
    Lonely Planet Pocket Rome is your passport to all the mos...
    From £5.26
    Save £2.73
  • Pocket New York (Paperback)
    Lonely Planet Pocket New York City is your passport to th...
    From £5.26
    Save £2.73
  • Istanbul Encounter (Paperback)
    Lonely Planet Pocket Istanbul is your passport to all the...
    From £5.26
    Save £2.73
  • Pocket Venice (Paperback)
    Lonely Planet's Pocket Venice is your passport to all the...
    From £5.26
    Save £2.73
  • Lonely Planet Pocket Singapore is your passport to all th...
    From £5.26
    Save £2.73
  • Pocket San Francisco (Paperback)
    Lonely Planet's Pocket San Francisco is your passport to ...
    From £5.54
    Save £2.96
  • Pocket London (Paperback)
    Lonely Planet's Pocket London is your passport to all the...
    From £5.26
    Save £2.73

Mind, Body and Spirit from Singing Dragon

Whittles Publishing

  • From £10.04
    Save £9.96
  • Belief in Ourselves (Paperback)
    This collection of essays is sure to be of huge interest ...
    From £10.40
    Save £4.59
  • Half-Light (Paperback)
    Introduction by Dairmid Gunn
    From £8.74
    Save £8.25
  • An engrossing and vivid account of life aboard an emigran...
    From £8.74
    Save £8.25
  • Recounts the rich culture and proud history of the Berber...
    From £10.03
    Save £9.96
  • With the help of recollections, diaries and letters home,...
    From £7.86
    Save £7.09
  • Last of the Line (Paperback)
    Now that lighthouse automation has been completed, what o...
    From £8.74
    Save £8.25
  • Wildcat Haven (Paperback)
    After abandoning the life of a journalist for a life in t...
    From £10.03
    Save £9.96
  • Call of the Eagle (Paperback)
    Presents an account of one man's 30-year involvement with...
    From £8.74
    Save £4.26

Comprehensive scripts and strategies in hypnotherapy

Philosophy for children

  • The Philosophy Shop (Paperback)
    A veritable emporium of philosophical puzzles and challen...
    From £12.82
    Save £10.17
  • Independent Thinking (Paperback)
    Think for yourself - before someone does it for you.
    From £8.74
    Save £8.25
  • One of the UK's most influential educationalists gives an...
    From £7.87
    Save £7.12
  • Thoughtings (Hardback)
    Thoughtings - is a poetry, collection with a difference.
    From £9.17
    Save £5.82
  • From My Heart (Paperback)
    Values-based Education is the philosophy and practice tha...
    From £7.87
    Save £7.12
  • The Thinking Teacher (Paperback)
    'Good teachers do, great teachers think'.
    From £8.74
    Save £8.25
  • The Book of Thunks (Hardback)
    Features a beguiling question about everyday things.
    From £5.72
    Save £4.27
  • Provocations (Hardback)
    A new addition to The Philosophy Foundation Series.
    From £7.87
    Save £7.12
  • The Numberverse (Hardback)
    A journey into the world of numbers, which are over our h...
    From £7.87
    Save £7.12

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