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Barrington Stoke - Dedicated to Cracking Reading

  • Wrong Number (Paperback)
    Could the guy who phoned Marie's number by accident turn...
    From £4.47
    Save £2.52
  • A clever modern day version of the Arabian Nights stories.
    From £4.04
    Save £1.95
  • The Queen's Tale (Paperback)
    Hilarious re-telling of Snow White - from the evil step...
    From £4.04
    Save £1.95
  • United Here I Come! (Paperback)
    A fun football story with a reading age of 6.5.
    From £4.47
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  • Mozart's Banana (Paperback)
    A charming village story about a little girl, a dare gone...
    From £4.04
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  • Second instalment of Tom Palmer's rugby trilogy set again...
    From £4.04
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  • Jet Black Heart (Paperback)
    A spine-tingling mystery combines with elements of the su...
    From £4.47
    Save £2.52
  • Old Bag (Paperback)
    In Gangland, you play by the rules if you know what's goo...
  • The Ghosts of 2012 (Paperback)
    Joe is on for gold in the 2012 Olympics.
    From £4.04
    Save £1.95

Food & Drink, Craft & Home Style: Beautiful Gift Books from Ryland Peters & Small

  • A Woman's Shed (Hardback)
    Every woman deserves a shed of her own for some quiet tim...
    From £11.58
    Save £8.41
  • A Year in Crafts (Hardback)
    Here are 52 beautifully simple step-by-step ideas to get ...
    From £9.24
    Save £5.75
  • Discover 25 awesome animals, all made from rubber bands!
    From £5.79
    Save £4.20
  • William Yeoward At Home invites you to see how he has des...
    From £17.72
    Save £7.28
  • My First Science Book (Paperback)
    Uncover the exciting secrets of chemistry, physics and bi...
    From £5.59
    Save £4.40
  • Dirty Food (Hardback)
    Dirty food is the dining equivalent of sticking your fing...
    From £10.11
    Save £6.88
  • Hot Chocolate (Hardback)
    Perfect for sipping by the fireside, Hannah Miles has cre...
    From £5.79
    Save £4.20
  • Sewing Machine Basics (Paperback)
    From the simplest tacking stitch through to making your o...
    From £7.95
    Save £7.04
  • Living in the Moment (Paperback)
    Through simple mindfulness meditation, learn to live in t...
    From £7.08
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Timber Press: Great Gardening

Innovation & Best Practice for Business Success

Radcliffe Learning, For Healthcare Professionals

Pharmaceutical Press - Essential knowledge for the science and practice of pharmacy

The Best British Beer & Pub Guides from CAMRA Books

Handpicked & Inspected Special Places to Stay

TASCHEN’s Basic Art Series 2.0 – The world’s most successful art book series ever published

  • Hopper (Hardback)
    Edward Hopper (1882-1967) is considered as one of the imp...
  • Rivera (Hardback)
    Diego Rivera's historical paintings expressed his interpr...
    From £5.36
    Save £3.63
  • Rothko (Hardback)
    Mark Rothko belongs to the generation of American artists...
    From £5.36
    Save £3.63
  • Klimt (Hardback)
    Gustav Klimt's ornate art expresses the apocalyptic atmos...
    From £5.36
    Save £3.63
  • Basquiat (Hardback)
    From the streets of New York to the walls of its most pro...
  • Caravaggio (Hardback)
    Notorious bad boy of Italian Baroque painting, Caravaggio...
    From £5.36
    Save £3.63
  • Dali (Hardback)
    Painter, sculptor, writer, and film maker, Salvador Dali ...
    From £5.36
    Save £3.63
  • Bauhaus (Hardback)
    Founded in Weimar in 1919, the Bauhaus school developed a...
    From £5.36
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  • Gaudi (Hardback)
    Anyone who visits Barcelona will come across the works of...
    From £8.03
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Books from Historic England

Chess Guides for All Abilities from Gambit Publications

Fascinating & Beautiful Books from British Library Publishing

  • Propaganda (Paperback)
    Published to accompany a major exhibition of the British ...
    From £11.14
    Save £8.85
  • East Africa, 1913.
    From £5.14
    Save £3.85
  • Capital Crimes (Paperback)
    Capital Crimes is an eclectic collection of London-based ...
    From £6.45
    Save £2.54
  • The Spy Paramount (Paperback)
    Martin Fawley leaves the American secret service and is r...
    From £5.14
    Save £3.85
  • Cats (Hardback)
    An anthology on cats, ranging widely across world literat...
  • Published in the last years of Queen Victoria's reign, th...
    From £4.74
    Save £3.25
  • The Lindisfarne Gospels, written and illuminated in the n...
    From £13.22
    Save £11.78
  • Puss in Books (Paperback)
    Puss in Books is a celebration of feline wit, intelligenc...
    From £4.72
    Save £3.23
  • Medieval Dogs (Hardback)
    Dogs: man's best friend, both today and in the Middle Ages.
    From £5.58
    Save £4.42

Mind, Body & Spirit from Singing Dragon

The Latest Military Releases from Osprey Publishing