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  • How to Master the UKCAT includes expert advice and unique...
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  • Once Upon an If ... (Paperback)
    This book offers a treasury of multi-cultural stories, pl...
    From £11.15
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  • AAT Cash Management (Spiral bound)
    Suitable for assessments until August 2015
    From £6.23
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  • AAT External Auditing (Spiral bound)
    Suitable for assessments until August 2015
    From £6.23
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  • Endorsed by Edexcel, this workbook accompanies the GCSE E...
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  • Science (Paperback)
    This student workbook supports the GCSE Science Success R...
    From £4.15
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  • Introducing Sartre (Paperback)
    INTRODUCING guide to the father of existentialism and one...
    From £4.09
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  • In the Ring (Hardback)
    The exceptional memoirs of the former Secretary-General o...
    From £11.58
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  • Great War Railwaymen (Paperback)
    Great War Railwaymen details the incredible achievement o...
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  • Presents the history of music, fashion and attitude of so...
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  • Bring the Noise (Paperback)
    From Morrissey and Nick Cave to The Streets and Kanye Wes...
    From £10.11
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  • Electric Eden (Paperback)
    Investigates how the idea of folk has been handed down an...
    From £8.37
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  • Here Comes Everybody (Paperback)
    Reviled by traditionalists for their frequently fast, oft...
    From £7.07
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  • Birth School Metallica Death (Volume I) (Paperback)
    Metallica have sold in excess of 100 million albums and w...
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  • So This is Permanence (Paperback)
    Presents the intensely personal writings of one of the mo...
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  • Original Rockers (Hardback)
    Twenty years ago, from Bangor to Bradford, Bognor Regis t...
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Top New Books from I.B. Tauris

  • Nye (Hardback)
    Aneurin - Nye - Bevan was one of the pivotal Labour f...
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  • The Europe Dilemma (Hardback)
    Suitable for those interested in the future of British an...
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  • Zone of Crisis (Hardback)
    Amin Saikal, a distinguished Afghan-born scholar of inter...
    From £15.21
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  • Martin Winstone provides a unique insight into the occupa...
    From £13.77
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  • The Socialist Way (Paperback)
    Containing high-profile contributions from journalists, a...
    From £9.57
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  • The Zodiac Arch (Paperback)
    This witty, eye-opening tapestry of writings on travel an...
    From £6.87
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  • There and back again (Paperback)
    For decades, hobbits and the other fantastical creatures ...
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  • My Way (Hardback)
    Mona Siddiqui is one of the foremost Western authorities ...
    From £13.77
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