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  • Fleetwood Mac (Hardback)
    From £13.61
    Save £11.38
  • The Memory Stones (Hardback)
    From £12.35
    Save £4.64
  • Beside Myself (Paperback)
    From £7.26
    Save £0.73
  • Lonely Planet presents 60 of Spain's most authentic dishe...
    From £12.53
    Save £7.46
  • Elvis Aaron Presley is more popular today than ever, yet ...
    From £9.68
    Save £6.32
  • Beneath the Skin (Paperback)
    A powerful exploration of PTSD from an astonishing new vo...
    From £6.35
    Save £3.64
  • Jungle (Paperback)
    Four travellers meet in Bolivia and set off into the Amaz...
    From £5.80
    Save £4.19
  • The Pub (Hardback)
    This collection of 300 pubs with atmosphere will include ...
    From £13.75
    Save £8.75
  • A A Suitable Lie (Paperback)
    Some secrets should never be kept... A brave, deeply mov...
    From £6.09
    Save £2.90

Fiction, Biography, Poetry, History, Sports, Music & more, from Birlinn

  • Hawick (Paperback)
    Beneath the familiar streets and closes lies an immense s...
    From £8.77
    Save £6.22
  • Martyrs (Paperback)
    A story which encapsulates all of the troubled Highland 1...
    From £7.80
    Save £5.19
  • True North (Paperback)
    The beauty of the remote Arctic Europe landscape has been...
    From £6.35
    Save £3.64
  • After a bike crash in a foggy Edinburgh, troubled young a...
    From £5.37
    Save £2.62
  • These Faces (Paperback)
    The book will contain more than 150 monochrome photograph...
    From £15.69
    Save £4.31
  • A Time to Keep (Paperback)
    Presents stories that offer a range of emotions and incid...
    From £5.37
    Save £2.62
  • Butchers Broom (Paperback)
    Tapping into the essence of Gaelic experience, this is th...
    From £6.65
    Save £1.34
  • Kings of Alba (Paperback)
    The events of 1000-1130 AD are crucial in terms of the de...
    From £11.24
    Save £8.76
  • The biography of James Colquhoun Irvine (1877-1952), the ...
    From £17.45
    Save £12.55

Every Aspect of Irish Life, from Gill Books

  • Irish Place Names (Paperback)
    This complete guide to Irish place names, explains the or...
    From £8.78
    Save £3.21
  • Slang is the common language of the streets and fields.
    From £4.60
    Save £2.39
  • Part of "Overheard in Dublin" series, this book is a stoc...
    From £4.38
    Save £2.12
  • The MacNean Restaurant Cookbook celebrates 30 years of Ne...
    From £14.01
    Save £10.98
  • The Islander (Paperback)
    A translation of the classic autobiography by Tomas O'Cro...
    From £5.52
    Save £3.47
  • The Weekend Chef (Hardback)
    The Weekend Chef is all about relaxed and leisurely eatin...
    From £11.77
    Save £8.22
  • Compiled from three of Theodora's much-loved cookery book...
    From £13.12
    Save £9.87
  • Go Get Him (Paperback)
    Ireland's premier matchmaker, Avril Mulcahy, shares her s...
    From £6.41
    Save £4.58
  • How to Cope (Paperback)
    In this remarkable book, Dr Claire Hayes takes a good loo...
    From £7.31
    Save £5.68

SAGE Learning Matters: Education, Nursing & Social Work

The UK’s Largest Local & Specialist History Publisher

Knock Knock: Clever Gifts, Books & Stationery

General, Military, Sport & Transport History, from Amberley

City Breaks, from Lonely Planet

A Wide Range of Travel & Language Products, from Berlitz

Maps & Travel Guides from Marco Polo

Bringing You Closer To The Past, with Pen & Sword

Meze Publishing: Quality Cook Books

Miitary History, from Grub Street

  • Malta (Hardback)
    An authoritative account of the final Allied victory over...
    From £23.86
    Save £21.14
  • Bloody Shambles (v. 1) (Hardback)
    This is the story of the Allied air campaign across Singa...
    From £16.78
    Save £13.17
  • A Doctor's War (Paperback)
    As an RAF medical officer, Aidan had served in France, su...
    From £5.17
    Save £2.82
  • A Separate Little War (Paperback)
    Every day for nine months from September 1944, British Co...
    From £7.52
    Save £5.47
  • Formed within days of the illustrious 617 Squadron, 618's...
    From £12.09
    Save £7.91
  • Fire By Night (Paperback)
    When she was very young, the author was captivated by the...
    From £5.66
    Save £3.33
  • The Lightning Boys (Hardback)
    According to an international study, the Lightning is the...
    From £10.48
    Save £9.52
  • Phantom Boys (Hardback)
    From Richard Pike, best-selling author of Hunter Boys and...
    From £12.09
    Save £7.91
  • Harrier Boys (Volume Two) (Hardback)
    The history of this remarkable aircraft in service with U...
    From £12.09
    Save £7.91

Storey Books: Teaching & Inspiring

Allison & Busby: Independent Publishers since 1967

The Crowood Press: Independent Publishers of Specialist Books for Enthusiasts

Haynes Manuals

Food & Drink, Craft & Home Style: Beautiful Gift Books from Ryland Peters & Small

Essential Art & Design Studies Titles, from Thames & Hudson

The Latest Military Releases from Osprey Publishing

Emerald Group Publishing: Linking Research to Practice

Country, Sporting & Equestrian Books, from Quiller

Mind, Body & Spirit from Singing Dragon