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  • Le Corbeau (Paperback)
    One of the greatest contributions to the art of French ci...
    From £7.43
    Save £5.56
  • Gender (Paperback)
    By re-examining ancient notions of sexual difference, bod...
    From £7.43
    Save £5.56
  • Judaism (Paperback)
    Discusses the origins of the Jewish Bible.
    From £8.36
    Save £6.63
  • Art and Animals (Paperback)
    Art and Animals challenges ideas of identity, 'otherness'...
    From £8.36
    Save £6.63
  • Art and Science (Paperback)
    Featuring the work of artists such as Damien Hirst, Chris...
    From £8.36
    Save £6.63
  • Chapaev (v. 12) (Paperback)
    "Chapaev" is the most popular film of the Soviet era.
    From £7.43
    Save £5.56
  • Ivan the Terrible (Paperback)
    "Ivan the Terrible", Eisenstein's last film, is a complex...
    From £7.43
    Save £5.56
  • Impressionism (Paperback)
    Impressionistic paintings rank among the most popular wor...
    From £4.62
    Save £2.37
  • Egypt Art (Paperback)
    The art of ancient Egypt that has been handed down to us ...
    From £4.62
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FW Media - Arts and Crafts

Lund Humphries

  • Explores the long history of the Sydney Opera House's ges...
    From £29.66
    Save £19.84
  • Krishen Khanna (Hardback)
    Krishen Khanna is a painter whose work engages the social...
    From £24.49
    Save £15.51
  • Crusader Art (Hardback)
    The Crusades began as expeditions called by the Pope to r...
    From £32.65
    Save £22.35
  • Explores how the life and work of the great Victorian Poe...
    From £27.21
    Save £17.79
  • Sandra Blow (Paperback)
    Sandra Blow is one of the most important British artists ...
    From £16.36
    Save £8.64
  • In The Story of De Stijl, which draws extensively on orig...
    From £27.21
    Save £17.79
  • Big Bucks (Paperback)
    This highly readable and timely book explores the transfo...
    From £15.67
    Save £4.32
  • Through a series of scholarly essays providing an histori...
    From £17.73
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Radcliffe Lifelong, learning for healthcare Professionals

Black Dog Publishing

  • Art U Need (Paperback)
    Artist Bob and Roberta Smith was recently appointed to ov...
    From £11.82
    Save £8.13
  • Stone (Hardback)
    Stone: A Legacy and Inspiration for Art is a photographic...
    From £15.74
    Save £9.21
  • Hexen 2.0 (Paperback)
    HEXEN 2.0 is the sequel to HEXEN 2039, which imagined new...
    From £13.14
    Save £6.81
  • Colour in the Making (Paperback)
    Beautifully illustrated book that details the history of ...
    From £13.14
    Save £6.81
  • Seeing is Believing (Paperback)
    A personal and analytical investigation into the politics...
    From £13.14
    Save £6.81
  • Kids London (Paperback)
    Whether you are a new parent in London, or a tourist with...
  • Contemporary Art in Eastern Europe is a fresh, challengin...
  • Experimental Eating (Paperback)
    Experimental Eating is the first international survey of ...
    From £11.75
    Save £5.20
  • The Meaning of Things (Paperback)
    The fifth volume of the series in collaboration with Fond...

Personal, business, life and sport coaching

John Blake Publishing

Greenleaf Publishing

Sage Teaching

Timber Press - Great Gardening

Old Street Publishing

Travel Inspiration 2014

Xenophobe's Guides

Elliott & Thompson Books

  • Dave Hart is back in David Charter's second instalment of...
    From £4.02
    Save £2.97
  • The Ego Has Landed (Paperback)
    Recovering in a posh clinic after his explosive ending in...
    From £4.02
    Save £2.97
  • Where Egos Dare (Paperback)
    The fourth of David Charters' hilarious City satires, Whe...
    From £4.02
    Save £2.97
  • No Tears (Paperback)
    Behind the City of London's facade of sharp suits, fast c...
  • What are the greatest pieces of music ever composed?
    From £12.34
    Save £12.66
  • Dark Art (Hardback)
    The definitive book on a fascinating industry: find out h...
    From £7.06
    Save £7.93
  • Beethoven (Hardback)
    The ultimate life story of one of the greatest composers ...
    From £12.34
    Save £12.66
  • Chickenshed (Hardback)
    A richly illustrated book to mark 40 years of the Chicken...
    From £12.34
    Save £12.66
  • A richly informative, light-hearted guide to the ins and ...
    From £5.15
    Save £4.84

Mind, Body and Spirit from Singing Dragon

Whittles Publishing

  • Doctor in the Navy (Paperback)
    The light-hearted story of a medic in the Navy of the 195...
    From £7.87
    Save £7.12
  • The guide for diving the Firth of Forth and southeast Sco...
    From £9.60
    Save £9.39
  • The Darkness Below (Paperback)
    *A gripping and exhilarating voyage into the silent darkn...
    From £9.60
    Save £9.39
  • A celebration of the outstanding achievements from peopl...
    From £8.74
    Save £8.25
  • Big Cats (Paperback)
    Presents the main issues about the emotive subject of big...
    From £9.60
    Save £9.39
  • Mariner's Rest (Paperback)
    Relates Jonathan's final years at sea in the Merchant Nav...
  • Scotland's Heritage (Paperback)
    A unique travelogue packed with spectacular and innovativ...
    From £11.07
    Save £7.92
  • Light Over Lundy (Paperback)
    Set atop the rocky plateau of Lundy Island in the Bristol...
    From £8.74
    Save £6.25
  • A guide to 300 shipping losses, and the events surroundin...
    From £10.03
    Save £5.97

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