Man Booker Prize 2016

  • All That Man is (Hardback)
    Nine men.
    From £11.22
    Save £3.77
  • Hot Milk (Hardback)
    Today I dropped my laptop on the concrete floor.
    From £8.78
    Save £4.21
    From £10.40
    Save £2.59
  • Eileen (Paperback)
    The Christmas season offers little cheer for Eileen Dunlop.
    From £6.54
    Save £2.45
  • Sellout (Paperback)
    Shortlisted for the Man Booker Prize 2016, The Sellout is...
    From £9.38
    Save £3.61
  • His Bloody Project (Paperback)
    A brutal triple murder in a remote northwestern crofting ...
    From £7.80
    Save £1.19

The BOOKS etc. Club

  • Body Language (Paperback)
    What does your body language say about you? From stran...
    From £7.06
    Save £3.93
  • The conquering of fear is celebrated in this stunning boo...
    From £4.48
    Save £2.51
  • The rampant use of genetically modified food incites publ...
    From £5.79
    Save £4.16
  • Teaches readers how to transform their fear into faith in...
    From £6.23
    Save £4.76
  • Undying (Hardback)
    'Michel Faber addressed these love poems to his wife afte...
    From £8.51
    Save £4.48
  • Letters of Note (Paperback)
    The paperback edition of this delightful and internationa...
    From £11.06
    Save £5.93
  • The Secret Library (Hardback)
    An alternative history of Western civilization told throu...
    From £7.09
    Save £5.90
  • Beneath the Skin (Paperback)
    A powerful exploration of PTSD from an astonishing new vo...
    From £6.35
    Save £3.64
  • The Pub (Hardback)
    This collection of 300 pubs with atmosphere will include ...
    From £12.53
    Save £9.97

General, Military, Sport & Transport History, from Amberley

Fiction, Biography, Poetry, History, Sports, Music & more, from Birlinn

  • Little Sparta (Paperback)
    This new companion to Little Sparta tells the story of Ia...
    From £10.05
    Save £4.94
  • The Music and the Land (Mixed media product)
    A collection of works by legendary Scots musician and com...
    From £34.88
    Save £25.12
  • Ferry (Board book)
    A delightful board book for very young children with clea...
    From £3.89
    Save £1.10
  • Portrays the islands from Arran to Lewis in all their div...
    From £6.83
    Save £4.16
  • A collection of essays in which the author deals with a w...
    From £7.63
    Save £2.36
  • Dying of the Light (Paperback)
    Partly inspired by the real-life killings of prostitutes ...
    From £5.37
    Save £2.62
  • Hue and Cry (Paperback)
    1579, St Andrews.
    From £5.86
    Save £3.13
  • When the Rains Come (Paperback)
    Childrens story aimed at children of 7+.
    From £4.86
    Save £2.13
  • Back to Caledonia (Hardback)
    Academic studies in the field of Scottish diaspora have f...
    From £13.67
    Save £11.33

Every Aspect of Irish Life, from Gill Books

  • A lively collection of poetry and paintings celebrating t...
    From £9.11
    Save £7.88
  • The most critical period in modern Irish history is cover...
    From £5.97
    Save £4.02
  • This outstanding survey of Irish history between 1798 and...
    From £7.76
    Save £6.23
  • Brendan McWilliams column, Weather Eye, that was publishe...
    From £10.87
    Save £7.12
  • In My Room (Paperback)
    Jim Lucey has been working with patients suffering from m...
    From £8.21
    Save £6.78
  • Goodbye Sugar (Paperback)
    Goodbye Sugar contains the missing ingredient lacking in ...
    From £8.21
    Save £6.78
  • Conduct Unbecoming (Paperback)
    Candid, combative and entertaining, Conduct Unbecoming is...
    From £7.31
    Save £5.68
  • Domini and Patricia have discovered a life-changing way o...
  • Irishography (Hardback)
    In his second book Ronan Moore, author of Irishology, has...

SAGE Learning Matters: Education, Nursing & Social Work

The UK’s Largest Local & Specialist History Publisher

Knock Knock: Clever Gifts, Books & Stationery

Miitary History, from Grub Street

  • Bomber Boys (Paperback)
    Lancaster pilot Victor Wood's aircraft arrived too early ...
    From £6.13
    Save £3.86
  • Hornchurch Offensive (Paperback)
    Offers a study of an airfield and its units at the forefr...
    From £6.13
    Save £3.86
  • Tally Ho! (Hardback)
    Bob Foster is a well known figure at book and print signi...
    From £12.09
    Save £7.91
  • RAF Duxford (Paperback)
    Established in 1917 to train Royal Flying Corps aircrew d...
    From £7.52
    Save £5.47
  • The Buccaneer Boys (Hardback)
    From £12.09
    Save £7.91
  • Arrival of Eagles (Hardback)
    During World War Two a great many Luftwaffe aircraft arri...
    From £12.09
    Save £7.91
  • Tornado Boys (Hardback)
    Tornado Boys is the latest in the ever-popular 'Boys' ser...
    From £11.44
    Save £8.56
  • Harrier Boys (Volume Two) (Hardback)
    The history of this remarkable aircraft in service with U...
    From £11.44
    Save £8.56
  • Meteor Boys (Hardback)
    Grub Street is proud to present Meteor Boys, the latest t...
    From £11.44
    Save £8.56

Bringing You Closer To The Past, with Pen & Sword

Maps & Travel Guides from Marco Polo

A Wide Range of Travel & Language Products, from Berlitz

City Breaks, from Lonely Planet

Storey Books: Teaching & Inspiring

Meze Publishing: Quality Cook Books

The Crowood Press: Independent Publishers of Specialist Books for Enthusiasts

Allison & Busby: Independent Publishers since 1967

Food & Drink, Craft & Home Style: Beautiful Gift Books from Ryland Peters & Small

Haynes Manuals

Essential Art & Design Studies Titles, from Thames & Hudson

The Latest Military Releases from Osprey Publishing

  • Katyusha (235) (Paperback)
    Although military rockets have been used since the Middle...
    From £7.31
    Save £3.68
  • The story of the Imperial Japanese Army's victory over...
    From £8.61
    Save £6.38
  • The Vietnam People's Air Force at the beginning of the Vi...
    From £8.14
    Save £5.85
  • Operation Agreement (Hardback)
    The Special Interrogation Group (SIG) was the most except...
    From £11.57
    Save £7.42
  • Modern African Wars 5 (5) (Paperback)
    For two and a half years, and against all odds, the Biafr...
    From £6.72
    Save £4.27
  • A highly illustrated history of the development and opera...
    From £16.09
    Save £8.91
  • River Plate 1939 (171) (Paperback)
    The first major naval action of World War II, the Batt...
    From £8.61
    Save £6.38
  • The definitive edition of an iconic board game.
    From £34.04
    Save £15.95
  • Collecting some of the best illustrations from series art...
    From £7.03
    Save £2.95

Emerald Group Publishing: Linking Research to Practice

Country, Sporting & Equestrian Books, from Quiller

  • Clouser's Flies (Mixed media product)
    From £31.29
  • Fitting Tack (No.4) (Paperback)
    A guide to correct and comfortable tack fitting, with adv...
    From £4.04
    Save £1.91
  • Working Ferrets (Paperback)
    Working Ferrets has been updated and expanded to include ...
    From £7.97
    Save £7.02
  • In this book, eight leading sporting artists have their o...
    From £18.00
    Save £17.00
  • A fascinating and comprehensive book on the history of ga...
    From £13.61
    Save £11.39
  • In Praise of Bees (Hardback)
    This fascinating and comprehensive book explores the bee'...
    From £15.78
    Save £14.22
  • The Roe Deer (Hardback)
    The natural history of the roe deer throughout the world,...
    From £22.39
    Save £22.61
  • Practical Horse Whispering (no. 47) (Paperback)
    This volume provides easy-to-use horse whispering techniq...
    From £4.04
    Save £1.91
  • In Perfect Mind: Perfect Ride, the author demonstrates ho...
    From £8.81
    Save £8.14

Mind, Body & Spirit from Singing Dragon