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  • Break Away (Hardback)
    Break Away is the history of road cycling t...
    From £12.53
    Save £7.47
  • The conquering of fear is celebrated in this stunning boo...
    From £4.48
    Save £2.51
  • Dr James Barry (Hardback)
    As featured on the BBC Radio 2 Book Club, this is the rem...
    From £10.12
    Save £6.87
  • Teaches readers how to transform their fear into faith in...
    From £6.23
    Save £4.76
  • Undying (Hardback)
    'Michel Faber addressed these love poems to his wife afte...
    From £8.51
    Save £4.48
  • Owl Song at Dawn (Paperback)
    A compelling and touching debut novel inspired by Emma Cl...
    From £5.37
    Save £3.62
  • Recently widowed Poldi moves to Sicily in order to quietl...
    From £6.52
    Save £2.47
  • The Pub (Hardback)
    This collection of 300 pubs with atmosphere will include ...
    From £13.75
    Save £8.75
  • A A Suitable Lie (Paperback)
    Some secrets should never be kept... A brave, deeply mov...
    From £6.09
    Save £2.90

Fiction, Biography, Poetry, History, Sports, Music & more, from Birlinn

  • Famous for a Reason (Hardback)
    The Famous Grouse, created in 1896, is the best selling w...
    From £22.64
    Save £12.36
  • The remarkable story of Britain's first Muslim MP.
    From £12.53
    Save £7.47
  • The Hebrides at War (Paperback)
    A collection of photographs of the key west coast bases i...
    From £6.83
    Save £4.16
  • Margaret Fay Shaw's life spans a century of change.
  • The Grand Scuttle (Paperback)
    The Grand Scuttle: The Sinking of the German Fleet at Sca...
    From £6.35
    Save £3.64
  • Boyracers (Paperback)
    A supremely honest take on being young, naive, and hopefu...
    From £5.37
    Save £2.62
  • Dark Suits and Sad Songs (3) (Paperback)
    Third in a compelling new series of Scottish crime novels...
    From £7.15
    Save £1.84
  • The story of Joe and Gerry Baker, two charismatic footbal...
    From £5.86
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Every Aspect of Irish Life, from Gill Books

  • Irish Jokes Book (Hardback)
    Keep your friends and family amused with this hilarious c...
    From £4.38
    Save £2.12
  • Concise, comprehensive and original in approach, this rev...
    From £4.38
    Save £2.12
  • In 1500, most of Ireland lay outside the ambit of English...
    From £10.44
    Save £9.55
  • Irish Potato Magnetic Cookbook (Other book format)
    An Irish Potato Cookbook with a difference - this one wil...
  • Enigma (Paperback)
    Charles Stewart Parnell is the most enigmatic figure in I...
    From £8.21
    Save £6.78
  • Best-loved Irish legends for children.
    From £3.48
    Save £1.02
  • Overheard in Dublin (Paperback)
    Overheard in Dublin is back with another riot of wit, wis...
    From £4.15
    Save £1.84
  • Goodbye Sugar (Paperback)
    Goodbye Sugar contains the missing ingredient lacking in ...
    From £8.21
    Save £6.78
  • The Cultured Club (Hardback)
    Learn how to transform everyday ingredients into superfoo...
    From £14.01
    Save £10.98

SAGE Learning Matters: Education, Nursing & Social Work

The UK’s Largest Local & Specialist History Publisher

Knock Knock: Clever Gifts, Books & Stationery

General, Military, Sport & Transport History, from Amberley

City Breaks, from Lonely Planet

A Wide Range of Travel & Language Products, from Berlitz

Maps & Travel Guides from Marco Polo

Bringing You Closer To The Past, with Pen & Sword

Meze Publishing: Quality Cook Books

Miitary History, from Grub Street

  • Born in Scotland, Philip Gray is now a journalist living ...
    From £5.66
    Save £3.33
  • A Doctor's War (Paperback)
    As an RAF medical officer, Aidan had served in France, su...
    From £5.17
    Save £2.82
  • Hornchurch Offensive (Paperback)
    Offers a study of an airfield and its units at the forefr...
    From £6.13
    Save £3.86
  • Malta Spitfire Pilot (Paperback)
    Malta in the summer of 1942, a Malta wide open to air att...
    From £6.14
    Save £3.86
  • Hunter Boys (Hardback)
    From the highly-successful author of Lightning Boys and L...
    From £10.81
    Save £9.19
  • An Alien Sky (Hardback)
    By any measure, Andy Wiseman (born Weizman) is a lucky man.
    From £10.81
    Save £9.19
  • Ton-Up Lancs (Paperback)
    From £8.81
    Save £4.18
  • Harrier Boys (Volume Two) (Hardback)
    The history of this remarkable aircraft in service with U...
    From £12.09
    Save £7.91
  • Oswald Boelcke (Hardback)
    Oswald Boelcke was Germany's first ace in World War One w...
    From £12.09
    Save £7.91

Storey Books: Teaching & Inspiring

  • Let it Rot! (Paperback)
    From £8.86
    Save £0.13
  • At Knit's End (Paperback)
    Knitting finally takes its rightful place on the spectrum...
    From £4.48
    Save £2.51
  • Grass Fed Cattle (Paperback)
    Talks about how to raise, manage, and market grass-fed ca...
    From £8.82
    Save £5.17
  • Shows how common kitchen staples - pits, nuts, beans, see...
    From £4.48
    Save £2.51
  • Rigid-heddle weaving is a simple technique to learn and m...
    From £11.44
    Save £8.56
  • Show Me a Story (Paperback)
    Children love to make up stories, and group storytelling ...
    From £6.66
    Save £5.33
  • Presents a sock knitting technique for all those knitters...
    From £6.66
    Save £5.33
  • Vintage beer (Paperback)
    What kind of beer ages well?
    From £6.23
    Save £4.76
  • With renowned herbalist Rosemary Gladstar as your guide, ...
    From £4.05
    Save £1.94

Allison & Busby: Independent Publishers since 1967

The Crowood Press: Independent Publishers of Specialist Books for Enthusiasts

Haynes Manuals

Food & Drink, Craft & Home Style: Beautiful Gift Books from Ryland Peters & Small

  • Explore the hidden streets and spectacular sights of Sher...
    From £10.12
    Save £6.87
  • Quilting Basics (Paperback)
    A complete quilting course for beginners, in 12 easy stages
    From £7.97
    Save £7.02
  • Romantic Prairie Style embraces simple pleasures, comfort...
    From £11.44
    Save £8.55
  • 25 step-by-step craft activities for parents to do with c...
    From £4.92
    Save £3.07
  • Oceanic Tarot (Mixed media product)
    Explore the past, present and future with Oceanic Tarot.
    From £9.25
    Save £5.74
  • Putting together a creative and inspiring environment for...
    From £11.44
    Save £8.55
  • Easy on the Eyes (Hardback)
    Make-up artist Lisa Potter-Dixon reveals the secret to gr...
    From £7.97
    Save £7.02
  • Modern Dim Sum (Hardback)
    30 recipes for bite-size dumplings, rolls and wrap from C...
    From £5.80
    Save £4.19
  • Sewing Machine Basics (Paperback)
    This book takes the mystery out of the sewing machine, ho...
    From £9.25
    Save £5.74

Essential Art & Design Studies Titles, from Thames & Hudson

The Latest Military Releases from Osprey Publishing

Emerald Group Publishing: Linking Research to Practice

Country, Sporting & Equestrian Books, from Quiller

Mind, Body & Spirit from Singing Dragon