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  • GCSE Physics AQA A (Paperback)
    Be ready for your GCSE exam with this all-in-one AQA Phys...
    From £7.41
    Save £3.58
  • Monastic Wales (Hardback)
    A collection of essays by leading scholars that investiga...
    From £50.53
    Save £29.47
  • Moving On (CD-Audio)
    Suitable for sexual abuse survivors, this title helps the...
  • The third edition of this bestselling guide carefully tac...
    From £9.79
    Save £4.20
  • Broken Glass (Paperback)
    This Student Edition of Broken Glass is perfect for stude...
    From £7.41
    Save £2.58
  • From £62.62
    Save £25.38
  • Edexcel Biology (Paperback)
    Packed full of GCSE-style questions to test understanding...
    From £4.68
    Save £1.31
  • AQA Physics (Paperback)
    With clear and concise revision notes that cover everythi...
    From £4.15
    Save £0.84
  • From salvagepunk to zombie hordes, wastelands to plagued ...
    From £9.64
    Save £5.35

Calendars & Diaries 2016

The UK’s Largest Local & Specialist History Publisher

Country, Sporting & Equestrian Books, from Quiller

Local History, from Amberley Publishing

Polity Press: Leading International Publisher in the Social Sciences & Humanities

  • Global Covenant (Paperback)
    In this pathbreaking book, one of the world's leading ana...
    From £12.68
    Save £4.31
  • Global Governance (Paperback)
    * An accessible introduction to a key concept in politica...
    From £12.02
    Save £3.97
  • Written by one of the very few top social work academics ...
    From £12.02
    Save £3.97
  • World at Risk (Paperback)
    Twenty years ago Ulrich Beck published Risk Society , a ...
    From £13.34
    Save £4.65
  • The search for gold and for the mythical El Dorado grippe...
    From £12.68
    Save £4.31
  • This book provides a critical history of the movement ...

    From £12.02
    Save £3.97
  • * This is a highly original study of everyday life in the...
    From £13.34
    Save £4.65
  • In this important new book, the leading philosopherFra...

    From £11.37
    Save £3.62
  • In this short book Peter Sloterdijk clarifies his views o...
    From £7.95
    Save £2.04

Essential Art & Design Studies Titles, from Thames & Hudson

  • The Self-Portrait (Hardback)
    Maps the history of self-portraiture, from the earliest m...
    From £15.12
    Save £9.83
  • Presents the history of graphic design.
    From £12.65
    Save £7.30
  • Fashion (Paperback)
    Suitable for everyone who loves the line of a superb suit...
    From £12.65
    Save £7.30
  • Suitable for students, arts professionals and other aspir...
    From £7.77
    Save £5.18
  • Drawing People (Paperback)
    The act of drawing has long been considered the foundatio...
    From £17.49
    Save £12.46
  • A coursebook that tells you what you need to know about a...
    From £13.91
    Save £8.59
  • Ceramic Glazes (Hardback)
    With a section that focuses on the conceptual aspects of ...
    From £16.54
    Save £11.46

Edinburgh University Press: The Premier Scottish Publisher of Academic Books

  • Children's Literature (Paperback)
    Unlike the rigidly chronological approach of many introdu...
    From £11.92
    Save £7.07
  • Animal Theory (Paperback)
    A critical introduction to theoretical approaches to the ...
    From £15.20
    Save £9.79
  • Wyndham Lewis (Paperback)
    Features works of Wyndham Lewis as writer, novelist, and ...
    From £15.20
    Save £9.79
  • Simon Critchley's first book, The Ethics of Deconstructio...
    From £12.46
    Save £7.53
  • Can Shakespeare help us with the question of how to live?
    From £15.20
    Save £9.79
  • In this, the first book to deal with the concepts of war ...
    From £15.20
    Save £9.79
  • Fields of Sense (Paperback)
    What is the meaning of 'being' - or, rather, 'existence' ...
    From £12.46
    Save £7.53
  • Jean Baudrillard (1929-2007) was one of the world's most ...
    From £12.46
    Save £7.53
  • On the Edge (Paperback)
    The building of railways has had a profound but largely i...
    From £15.21
    Save £9.79

Fascinating & Beautiful Books from British Library Publishing

  • Many millions know and love the tale of "Alice's Adventur...
    From £7.63
    Save £7.36
  • The Z Murders (Paperback)
    Richard Temperley sets off in pursuit of a mysterious wom...
    From £5.14
    Save £3.85
  • Death on the Cherwell (Paperback)
    For Miss Cordell, principal of Persephone College, there ...
    From £5.14
    Save £3.85
  • This volume tells the story of the book from the very beg...
    From £13.22
    Save £11.78
  • The Female Detective (Paperback)
    The Female Detective introduces the first professional fe...
    From £6.45
    Save £2.54
  • Mystery in White (Paperback)
    Heavy snowfall brings a train to a halt. The passengers ...
    From £5.14
    Save £3.85
  • Published in the last years of Queen Victoria's reign, th...
    From £3.62
    Save £4.37
  • A new edition of Peake's illustrated Houshold Tales, orig...
    From £8.92
    Save £6.07

Philosophy, History & Health from O Books, Zero Books, Moon Books, Ayni Books, Changemakers Books, Circle Books & 12 other imprints from John Hunt Publishing

Food & Drink, Craft & Home Style: Beautiful Gift Books from Ryland Peters & Small

The Latest Military Releases from Osprey Publishing

Common Entrance & 11+ Exam Revision Guides, from Galore Park

Leading Publisher of Convergent Works in the Sciences, Humanities & Social Science

Mind, Body & Spirit from Singing Dragon