The General Election: Books To Help You Decide

Top New Books from I.B. Tauris

  • Outer Limits (Paperback)
    *The detailed companion to the best sci-fi movies from th...
    From £11.02
    Save £3.97
  • Nye (Hardback)
    Aneurin - Nye - Bevan was one of the pivotal Labour f...
    From £15.15
    Save £9.85
  • The Devil (Hardback)
    The Story of Satan: From Fallen Angel to Prince of Darkness
    From £13.77
    Save £6.23
  • The Zodiac Arch (Paperback)
    This witty, eye-opening tapestry of writings on travel an...
    From £6.87
    Save £3.12
  • Rembrandt's house (Paperback)
    With as many levels and hidden corners as the house Baile...
    From £7.95
    Save £4.04
  • The Long Silence (Paperback)
    From £7.95
    Save £4.04
  • Frontline Ukraine (Hardback)
    The first account of the gravest international crisis of ...
    From £13.22
    Save £5.77
  • The Kurds of Iraq (Paperback)
    Mahir A.
    From £9.57
    Save £5.42
  • Adorned in Dreams (Paperback)
    Traces the social and cultural history of fashion and its...
    From £10.12
    Save £5.87

Interesting Books for Interesting People, from Oneworld

  • You can beat your brain... but first you need to know you...
    From £6.64
    Save £2.35
  • Written with clarity and authority by an expert in this f...
    From £20.31
  • In this fascinating introduction, Joseph Runzo presents a...
    From £12.02
    Save £11.97
  • Bringing together original articles from renowned philoso...
    From £15.97
    Save £14.03
  • John Hick (Paperback)
    John Hick tells his life story, from his youth spent in Y...
    From £7.95
    Save £7.04
  • Muhammad Abduh (Hardback)
    Muhammad Abduh (1849-1905) is widely regarded as the foun...
    From £14.66
    Save £15.34
  • Body Shopping (Paperback)
    Presents a case against the rights of businesses to harve...
    From £7.36
    Save £2.63
  • Opera (Paperback)
    Opera is often dismissed as outdated and excessive, and p...
    From £5.79
    Save £4.20
  • Happy Retirement (Paperback)
    Whether you've been planning your escape for years, or ar...
    From £5.79
    Save £4.20

Food & Drink, Craft and Home Style - beautiful gift books from Ryland Peters & Small

  • A Woman's Shed (Hardback)
    Every woman deserves a shed of her own for some quiet tim...
    From £10.32
    Save £9.67
  • The Crumbs Family Cookbook brings you fast family food th...
    From £8.82
    Save £8.17
  • By adopting the ancient Buddhist practice of mindfulness ...
    From £7.21
    Save £2.78
  • Naked Cakes (Hardback)
    So called 'naked cakes' are an increasingly popular choic...
    From £8.82
    Save £8.17
  • The Salad Bowl (Hardback)
    Fresh, healthy, wholesome, and delicious - there can be s...
    From £7.95
    Save £7.04
  • Out of the Pod (Hardback)
    60 easy-to-make, nutritious recipes for beans, lentils an...
    From £8.82
    Save £8.17
  • Maker Spaces (Hardback)
    A visual feast of ideas for home styling and decor from i...
    From £10.12
    Save £9.87
  • Beer and Food (Hardback)
    Beer and Food is the definitive book about matching great...
    From £10.11
    Save £6.88
  • A truly international collection containing 101 of the gr...
    From £7.08
    Save £5.91

Haynes Military Manuals

Books from Historic England

  • Ancoats (Paperback)
    This book raises awareness of the wide range and varied c...
    From £6.65
    Save £3.34
  • Alston Moor, Cumbria (Paperback)
    A synthesis of recent English Heritage research on the ve...
    From £9.24
    Save £5.75
  • An introduction to the architectural development, the soc...
    From £15.97
    Save £9.03
  • Built to Brew (Paperback)
    Illustrated history of the brewing industry, the process ...
    From £15.97
    Save £9.03
  • British Seaside Piers (Paperback)
    This is the only guide to all 58 extant British seaside p...
    From £15.97
    Save £9.03
  • Helps set an agenda for the future of scientific applicat...
    From £18.51
    Save £11.49
  • Roman Gardens (Hardback)
    Roman Gardens highlights the enormous impact of the Roman...
    From £6.14
    Save £2.85
  • Behind the Veneer (Paperback)
    From the mid-19th to the mid-20th century, Shoreditch dom...
    From £5.62
    Save £2.37

Maps and Guides from Marco Polo

Business and Management Books from Gower

Get Birdwatching with the best guides and illustrated bird books from Bloomsbury

Brilliant new page-turners from Harlequin

Speechmark: Practical Resources for Speech Therapists and Educators

Timber Press - Great Gardening

Kyle Books : Beautiful Cookery, Diet and Activity Titles

  • Shows us how to cook delicious Thai recipes in 30 minutes...
    From £6.65
    Save £3.34
  • Chickens (Paperback)
    Suitable for beginners and more experienced hen owners, t...
    From £9.24
    Save £5.75
  • Game (Hardback)
    The tempting recipes and expert advice in this book put g...
    From £13.33
    Save £6.66
  • Want some original, stylish and inexpensive projects to m...
    From £10.28
    Save £6.71
  • Farm, Fork, Food (Hardback)
    In Farm Fork Food, Eric Skokan shows what good food is al...
    From £13.33
    Save £6.66
  • The Camping Cookbook (Paperback)
    In this beautifully illustrated book shot on location in ...
    From £7.18
    Save £3.81
  • Pamper Your Pooch (Hardback)
    They say that dog is a man's (and woman's!) best friend -...
    From £6.65
    Save £3.34
  • Diabetes causes strokes, heart attack and kidney failure ...
    From £9.24
    Save £5.75
  • Italian Home Baking (Hardback)
    A guide to traditional Italian home baking - both savoury...
    From £12.80
    Save £6.19

Radcliffe Learning, For Healthcare Professionals

The Latest Military Releases From Osprey Publishing

FW Media - Arts and Crafts

  • Kings and Queens (Hardback)
    A guide to Britain's monarchs and their chequered histori...
    From £7.07
    Save £2.92
  • Helps readers create beautiful and intricate pieces of pu...
    From £8.39
    Save £7.60
  • The Upholstery Bible (Paperback)
    A resource for furniture upholsterers of various abilitie...
  • The Bag Making Bible (Paperback)
    Offers a technique-led approach to sewing your own design...
    From £8.39
    Save £7.60
  • Floral Dimensions (Paperback)
    Helps you create colourful and unique fabric flowers.
    From £8.39
    Save £7.60
  • Talented textile designer Poppy Treffry builds on the suc...
    From £7.95
    Save £7.04
  • Cushions & Quilts (Paperback)
    This gorgeous collection of cushion and quilt projects ar...
    From £8.82
    Save £8.17
  • Dessert Roll Quilts (Paperback)
    Create gorgeous quilts from the latest pre-cut fabric rol...
    From £8.82
    Save £8.17
  • A practical week-to-view diary illustrated with beautiful...
    From £6.13
    Save £3.87

Mind, Body and Spirit from Singing Dragon