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The BOOKS etc. Club

  • Titanic the Ship Magnificent (Volume 1) (Hardback)
    This book looks at the ship's construction and exterior, ...
    From £31.62
    Save £28.38
  • The most comprehensive guide to Windows 10, updated with ...
    From £15.08
    Save £9.91
  • Wing Jones (Paperback)
    Debut novel about a mixed-race family hit by tragedy in 9...
    From £5.92
    Save £2.07
  • The rampant use of genetically modified food incites publ...
    From £6.91
    Save £3.04
  • The Sands of Shark Island (2) (Hardback)
    The 2nd installment of the School Ship Tobermory Adventures
    From £6.39
    Save £3.60
  • Stay with Me (Hardback)
    This Nigerian debut, shortlisted for the 2017 Baileys Pri...
    From £9.04
    Save £5.95
  • Grow (Paperback)
    In Grow, Jackie Beere demonstrates how we can all change ...
    From £5.84
    Save £4.15
  • Here Comes the Sun (Hardback)
    A remarkable debut about a group of women battling for in...
    From £8.51
    Save £4.48
  • Souper Mum (Paperback)
    A fantastic debut novel that takes a refreshing look at f...
    From £4.96
    Save £3.03

Exam and Revision Guides - Key Stage 1, 2 and the 11-plus

Exam and Revision Guides - Key Stage 3, 4 and 5

Exam and Revision Guides - Higher Education

Top Gardening Books for Spring, from The Quarto Group

Fun & Engaging Books, Just for Kids! Brought to You by Dummies Guides.

Lonely Planet: Pocket Guides. Get to the Heart of a City.

Polity Press: the Leading International Publisher in the Social Sciences and Humanities

  • Based on the most-up-to-date empirical research and lates...
    From £12.54
    Save £4.45
  • In his quest for the historical Muhammad, Zeitlin's chief...
    From £13.18
    Save £4.81
  • Education is a crucially important social institution, cl...
    From £11.93
    Save £4.06
  • Working with Risk (Paperback)
    Assessing and managing risk is a daily challenge for soci...
    From £11.93
    Save £4.06
  • Celebrity Politics (Paperback)
    In this new book, Mark Wheeler offers the first in-depth ...
    From £12.56
    Save £4.43
  • * Engages design students with the philosophical and ethi...
    From £11.93
    Save £4.06
  • Freedom's Right (Paperback)
    The theory of justice is one of the most intensely debate...
    From £15.24
    Save £3.75
  • Until the 1970s the history of sexuality was a marginaliz...
    From £11.27
    Save £3.72
  • From selfies and memes to hashtags and parodies, social m...
    From £12.58
    Save £4.41

Nourish Books: Publishers of Cookery, Nutritional Health, and Wellness Books

Education, NLP, Coaching, Hypnotherapy & Self Help, from Crown House

Phaidon: Huge Discounts on Art, Design, Children's and More!

  • An intimate tour with Renzo Piano himself around his key ...
    From £9.34
    Save £13.61
  • And Fork (Hardback)
    Following the success of Spoon in 2002, & Fork presents 1...
    From £18.20
    Save £26.80
  • Richard Estes (Hardback)
    Provides invaluable insight into the life and works of le...
    From £5.73
    Save £9.22
  • Robert Rauschenberg (Hardback)
    The perfect introduction to the life and work of Robert R...
    From £5.73
    Save £9.22
  • Earthart (Hardback)
    A spectacular collection of photographs of the Earth's su...
    From £16.77
    Save £23.18
  • Eating with the Chefs documents the daily meal shared by ...
    From £14.15
    Save £25.80
  • The Larousse Book of Bread is a collection of 80 classic ...
    From £9.89
    Save £15.06
  • Latin American Houses (Paperback)
    Nineteen stunning houses by Latin America's most innovati...
    From £8.49
    Save £11.46
  • Revised and expanded monograph on the work of Eduardo Sou...
    From £22.46
    Save £37.49

Pluto Press: Radical, Political, Independent Publishing

  • Explains the need for public ownership and the welfare st...
  • Conservatism (Paperback)
    New edition of a classic philosophical text that critique...
    From £15.23
    Save £7.76
  • Max Weber (Paperback)
    Ideal student introduction to Weber's sociology that offe...
  • The Power of Pills (Paperback)
    Unique textbook covering everything you need to know abou...
  • The story of the longest legal proceedings in British his...
  • Cruel Harvest (Paperback)
    Argues that the US is not concerned about waging a war on...
    From £13.44
    Save £6.55
  • Black Star (Paperback)
    Tells the history of Britain's Asian Youth Movements from...
    From £14.63
    Save £7.36
  • Fredrik Barth (Paperback)
    A definitive biography of Fredrik Barth, one of the leadi...
    From £14.63
    Save £7.36
  • An anthropology of the the impact of digital activism on ...

Arts & Craft Books from Guild of Master Craftsman Publications

Children's Books, from Quarto

Fine Art and Contemporary Stationery and Paper Gifts from Galison

Pimpernel Press: Art, Interiors, Gardens, Gifts

  • Old Masters Rock (Hardback)
    From £8.82
    Save £6.17
  • A stunning, clothbound boxed set containing a facsimile e...
    From £21.14
    Save £18.86
  • A reissue of Beth Chatto's classic, redesigned, with a ne...
    From £16.21
    Save £13.79
  • World Street Food (Paperback)
    From £6.39
    Save £3.60
  • Celebrates the artist Rex Whistler, portrait painter, des...
    From £17.58
    Save £12.42
  • Japanese Woodblock Prints (Other book format)
    Twelve sheets of high-quality gift wrap with illustrated ...
    From £12.23
    Save £2.76
  • Manuscripts (Other book format)
    Twelve sheets of high-quality gift wrap with a unique des...
    From £10.85
    Save £4.14
  • Flowers, Fruit and Vegetables (Other book format)
    Wrap gifts for gardeners in this stunning gift wrap featu...
    From £9.17
    Save £5.82
  • On the Fringe (Hardback)
    A unique combination of social history and style bible
    From £27.41
    Save £22.59

Manchester University Press: Passionate about Good Books

Jacaranda: Celebrating Cultural, Ethnic and Social Diversity in Literature

  • Fashion Africa (Hardback)
    Fashion Africa by Jacqueline Shaw is a visual overview of...
    From £15.95
    Save £14.04
  • From £5.41
    Save £3.58
  • From Pasta To Pigfoot (Paperback)
    A light-hearted exploration of the clash of cultures that...
    From £6.35
    Save £1.64
  • Speak Gigantular (Paperback)
    A startling debut short story collection from one of Brit...
    From £5.41
    Save £3.58
  • Beyond the Pale (Paperback)
    'Beyond the Pale is a powerful story about maternal love,...
    From £8.01
    Save £6.98
  • Radio Sunrise (Paperback)
    Radio Sunrise is a hilarious yet sobering satirical portr...
    From £5.41
    Save £3.58
  • Murder in Montego Bay (Paperback)
    A tense and fast-moving detective story set in Montego Ba...
  • My Beautiful Shadow (Paperback)
    A fascinating book on the seductive (and toxic) power of ...
    From £5.41
    Save £3.58
  • Rest in Power (Paperback)
    On February 26th 2012 seventeen-year-old Trayvon Martin w...
    From £8.51
    Save £4.48

Sheldon Press: Leading Publisher of Self-help, Medical and Psychological Books

Cross Sports Book Awards 2017 Shortlist

The Baileys Women's Prize For Fiction 2017 Shortlist

  • The Sport of Kings (Hardback)
    From £12.28
    Save £4.71
  • The Dark Circle (Paperback)
    The new novel by the acclaimed author of Upstairs at the ...
  • The Power (Hardback)
  • Stay with Me (Hardback)
    This Nigerian debut, shortlisted for the 2017 Baileys Pri...
    From £9.04
    Save £5.95
    From £10.40
    Save £2.59
  • First Love (Hardback)
    From £8.55
    Save £4.44

New History, Current Affairs & Art Book Publishing, from I.B.Tauris

The UK’s Largest Local & Specialist History Publisher

Search Press

Titan Bargain Shop

  • Fun with a Pencil (Hardback)
    An introduction to drawing, cartooning, and capturing the...
    From £26.15
    Save £3.84
  • Stark's War (Paperback)
    The USA reigns over Earth as the last surviving superpower.
    From £5.02
    Save £2.97
  • The Collegium Chronicles (Bk. 1) (Paperback)
    Chronicles the early history of Valdemar, in which a thir...
    From £3.67
    Save £4.32
  • The Clone Rebellion (Bk. 1) (Paperback)
    Private first-class Wayson Harris was raised among thousa...
    From £5.02
    Save £2.97
  • The Truth of Valour (Paperback)
    Having left the Marine Corps, former Gunnery Sergeant Tor...
    From £3.67
    Save £4.32
  • Star Wars (Hardback)
    Eight assassins hired to murder Darth Vader - eight assas...
    From £6.66
    Save £12.33
  • Born in Concrete (Hardback)
    Deals with a project that has been featured in numerous e...
    From £10.18
    Save £16.81
  • Derrick Storm is returning from a rock climbing vacation ...
    From £5.02
    Save £2.97
  • Broken Hero (Paperback)
    Arthur Wallace and the MI37 team confront their personal ...
    From £5.02
    Save £2.97

Peter Owen Publishers: Independent Publishers Since 1951

Meze Publishing: Quality Cook Books

Hispabooks: Contemporary Spanish fiction in English translation

British Library Crime Classics

  • Murder at the Manor (Paperback)
    This new collection gathers together stories written over...
    From £6.09
    Save £2.90
  • Thirteen Guests (Paperback)
    Lord Aveling hosts a hunting party at his country house, ...
    From £4.72
    Save £4.27
  • When the new landlord is stabbed to death in his pub, and...
    From £6.09
    Save £2.90
  • The body of a wealthy retired manufacturer, is found dea...
    From £6.09
    Save £2.90
  • Crimson Snow (Paperback)
    Crimson Snow brings together a dozen vintage crime storie...
    From £6.09
    Save £2.90
  • Continental Crimes (Paperback)
    Detective stories from the golden age and beyond have use...
  • Murder Underground (Paperback)
    When Miss Pongleton is found murdered on the stairs of Be...
    From £6.09
    Save £2.90
  • Calamity in Kent (Paperback)
    In the peaceful seaside town of Broadgate, an impossible ...
    From £6.09
    Save £2.90
  • Quick Curtain (Paperback)
    When the show opens at the Grosvenor Theatre to a packed ...
    From £4.72
    Save £4.27

Fiction, Biography, Poetry, History, Sports, Music & more, from Birlinn

Maps & Travel Guides from Marco Polo

The Crowood Press: Independent Publishers of Specialist Books for Enthusiasts

Essential Art & Design Studies Titles, from Thames & Hudson

Food & Drink, Craft & Home Style: Beautiful Gift Books from Ryland Peters & Small

Military History, Art, Sport & More, from Casemate

  • WW2 (Paperback)
    Published on the eve of the 75th anniversary of the War A...
    From £14.97
    Save £10.03
  • Montezuma (Paperback)
    Places Aztec civilization and history in the context of w...
    From £5.37
    Save £2.62
  • John F. Kennedy (Paperback)
    President John F.
    From £8.28
    Save £5.71
  • In Pursuit of Liberty (Paperback)
    The voices of the children and teenagers who witnessed th...
    From £7.07
    Save £4.43
  • Presents a history of the critical campaigns of World War...
    From £13.75
    Save £8.75
  • The Washingtons: A Family History (Volume eight) (Hardback)
    This ground-breaking series is a comprehensive history th...
    From £34.00
    Save £19.99
  • Barksdale's Charge (Paperback)
    On the third day of Gettysburg, Robert E.
    From £8.78
    Save £6.17
  • Tigers in Combat III (Volume 3) (Hardback)
    From £39.56
    Save £30.39
  • Follow Your Heart (Paperback)
    Follow Your Heart, Everyday wisdom for an extraordinary l...
    From £3.89
    Save £1.10

Mind, Body & Spirit from Singing Dragon

Country, Sporting & Equestrian Books, from Quiller

The Latest Military Releases from Osprey Publishing

Man Booker Prize 2017

  • The Unseen (Hardback)
    A group of children inherit an elemental paradise on eart...
  • Black Moses (Hardback)
    From £8.55
    Save £4.44
  • Fever Dream (Hardback)
    A deeply unsettling and disorientating debut novel about ...
    From £9.21
    Save £3.78
  • Swallowing Mercury (Hardback)
    From £8.55
    Save £4.44
  • The Traitor's Niche (Hardback)
    At the heart of the Ottoman Empire, in the main square of...
    From £11.79
    Save £5.20
  • War and Turpentine (Paperback)
    Shows a loving reconstruction of a man's interior life, a...
  • Bricks and Mortar (Paperback)
    BRICKS AND MORTAR is a novel about the sex trade in a big...
    From £10.18
    Save £4.81
  • Compass (Paperback)
    As night falls over Vienna, Franz Ritter, an insomniac mu...
    From £10.18
    Save £4.81
  • Dovaleh G, a veteran stand-up comic - charming, erratic, ...
    From £10.60
    Save £4.39

Walter Scott Prize Shortlist 2017

  • Paris, 1939: The pavement rumbles with the footfall of Na...
    From £8.03
    Save £0.96
  • Golden Hill (Paperback)
    New York, a small town on the tip of Manhattan Island.
    From £7.75
    Save £1.24
  • When twenty-two-year-old Gerty Freely travels to Russia t...
    From £6.39
    Save £2.60
  • Days Without End (Paperback)
    After signing up for the US army in the 1850s, barely sev...
    From £6.39
    Save £2.60
  • The Good People (Hardback)
    From £11.02
    Save £3.97
  • Mothering Sunday (Paperback)
    The Sunday Times bestseller - an intensely moving and bea...
    From £6.19
    Save £2.80
  • The Gustav Sonata (Paperback)
    What is the difference between friendship and love?
    From £7.00
    Save £1.99

The Dylan Thomas Prize 2017

  • The High Places (Paperback)
    A scintillating story collection by the young Australian ...
    From £7.43
    Save £2.56
  • The Essex Serpent (Hardback)
    From £11.62
    Save £3.37
  • From £8.55
    Save £4.44
  • Dog Run Moon (Paperback)
    From £8.55
    Save £4.44
  • Cain (Paperback)
    Winner, British Book Design & Production Awards 2016 Gua...
    From £6.93
    Save £3.06
  • Pigeon (Paperback)
    Shortlisted for the 2017 Dylan Thomas Prize Pigeon is ...
    From £6.39
    Save £2.60