Christmas Crackers!

Beautiful Books for Living and Giving

Kyle Books : Cookbooks for Christmas – the perfect gift

  • Explains the techniques that produce perfect results ever...
    From £15.89
    Save £9.11
  • Everyone loves a salad - full of fresh ingredients, simpl...
    From £9.69
    Save £6.30
  • Pronto! (Hardback)
    Let Gino solve your dinner dilemmas with 130 delicious an...
    From £13.26
    Save £6.73
  • Pastry Perfection (Hardback)
    In this book, Nick Malgieri gives you a range of all type...
    From £11.95
    Save £8.04
  • The Indian Kitchen (Paperback)
    From £11.16
    Save £4.83
  • Sweet Things (Hardback)
    From traditional toffee, fluffy clouds of marshmallow and...
    From £11.68
    Save £5.31
  • Most of us have been wowed looking through the windows of...
    From £13.26
    Save £6.73
  • Mug Cakes (Hardback)
    A delicious cake you make in a mug, in a microwave, in le...
    From £6.06
    Save £2.93
  • Using the full range of flavours from Green & Black's cho...
    From £10.21
    Save £6.78

2015 Calendars

Global Hotspots

  • Inglorious Disarray (Hardback)
    Rory Miller analyses the stilted role Europe has played i...
    From £16.42
    Save £8.58
  • Global Palestine (Paperback)
    This book looks at how contemporary Palestine is shaped b...
    From £11.07
    Save £4.92
  • South Sudan (Paperback)
    In July 2011 the Republic of South Sudan achieved indepen...
    From £13.48
    Save £6.51
  • Afghan Rumour Bazaar (Paperback)
    Representing the coming of age of a new generation of una...
    From £11.04
    Save £4.91
  • A micro-history of one small district in Afghanistan and ...
    From £14.80
    Save £5.20
  • Why Occupy a Square? (Paperback)
    An eyewitness account of the exceptional, non-sovereign, ...
    From £14.80
    Save £5.20
  • Reporting Disasters (Paperback)
    Ethiopia 1984: A groundbreaking account of the reporting ...
    From £13.48
    Save £6.52
  • Karachi (Paperback)
    Argues that within the seemingly chaotic malaise of Karac...
    From £16.42
    Save £8.58
  • Tibet (Hardback)
    The mythologising of Tibet in the West and the Himalyan s...
    From £14.80
    Save £5.20

Hesperus Press

Sage Study Skills

Grub Street – The Best in Military Aviation

Top New Books from I.B. Tauris

  • Outer Limits (Paperback)
    *The detailed companion to the best sci-fi movies from th...
    From £9.49
    Save £5.50
  • The Secret World (Hardback)
    The Secret World unites Trevor-Roper's writings on the su...
    From £15.07
    Save £9.93
  • The English Pantomime is one of the most popular, least a...
    From £15.07
    Save £9.93
  • The Devil (Hardback)
    The Story of Satan: From Fallen Angel to Prince of Darkness
    From £13.71
    Save £6.29
  • Unbelievable (Hardback)
    Over the years, our understandings of mind and consciousn...
    From £13.71
    Save £6.29
  • It all began at the Oyster Bar in Grand Central Station, ...
    From £10.46
    Save £5.53
  • Deng Xiaoping (Hardback)
    Reformer or Tyrant?
    From £15.07
    Save £9.93
  • Rembrandt's house (Paperback)
    With as many levels and hidden corners as the house Baile...
    From £7.87
    Save £4.12
  • The Kurds of Iraq (Paperback)
    Mahir A.
    From £9.49
    Save £5.50

Management and Teachers’ Pocketbooks

FW Media - Arts and Crafts

Radcliffe Lifelong, learning for healthcare Professionals

Black Dog Publishing

  • Wreckers of Civilisation tells the story of two interconn...
  • Shelf Life (Hardback)
    Deals with the work of the contemporary photorealist arti...
    From £18.24
    Save £11.71
  • Kenneth Anger (Paperback)
    The long-awaited paperback reissue of the previously cens...
    From £15.74
    Save £9.21
  • Susan Hiller (Paperback)
    The Dream and the Word provides a unique insight into art...
    From £9.07
    Save £5.88
  • Mining Couture (Paperback)
    Mining Couture explores the relationship between coal min...
    From £10.09
    Save £6.86
  • Walkthrough (Paperback)
    The third installment in the series produced in collabora...
    From £9.07
    Save £5.88
  • Features the fascinating work of Simeon Nelson, artist in...
    From £9.07
    Save £5.88
  • Roja Dove, the world's only Professeur de Parfum, celebra...
    From £18.24
    Save £11.71

Personal, business, life and sport coaching

John Blake Publishing

  • Get Rich Blogging (Paperback)
    If you're bored with being bossed around, frustrated that...
    From £4.83
    Save £3.16
  • In 'Slave Girl', Sarah Forsyth told the heart-rending sto...
    From £4.83
    Save £3.16
  • True Lies (Paperback)
    From £6.17
    Save £1.82
  • Diamonds At Dinner (Paperback)
    'I thought I'd gone to a prison.' This was Hilda Newman'...
    From £6.15
    Save £1.84
  • Life Cycles (Paperback)
    A London bike courier decided to cycle around the world.
    From £5.26
    Save £3.73
  • Hugh Jackman (Paperback)
    Acclaimed actor, Sexiest Man Alive winner, all-action her...
    From £6.41
    Save £1.58
  • The Flea (Paperback)
    The Flea is a charmingly related biography aimed at child...
    From £3.97
    Save £2.02
  • Bye Mam, I Love You (Paperback)
    On October 23rd 2010, Sonia Oatley waved off 15-year old ...
    From £4.83
    Save £3.16
  • From £4.83
    Save £3.16

Greenleaf Publishing

Timber Press - Great Gardening

Old Street Publishing

Elliott & Thompson Books

  • Dave Hart is back in David Charter's second instalment of...
    From £4.02
    Save £2.97
  • No Tears (Paperback)
    Behind the City of London's facade of sharp suits, fast c...
  • What are the greatest pieces of music ever composed?
    From £12.34
    Save £12.66
  • The Spirit of Cricket (Paperback)
    The Spirit of Cricket is a compelling collection of the g...
    From £4.40
    Save £3.59
  • Dark Art (Hardback)
    The definitive book on a fascinating industry: find out h...
    From £7.06
    Save £7.93
  • Beethoven (Hardback)
    The ultimate life story of one of the greatest composers ...
    From £12.34
    Save £12.66
  • A Royal Christmas (Hardback)
    A celebration of the Royal Family at Christmas, organised...
    From £10.25
    Save £9.75
  • A fantastically funny look at the absurdities of media he...
    From £5.94
    Save £6.05
  • Chickenshed (Hardback)
    A richly illustrated book to mark 40 years of the Chicken...
    From £12.34
    Save £12.66

Mind, Body and Spirit from Singing Dragon

Whittles Publishing

New books from Osprey!

Xenophobe's Guides

Travel Inspiration 2014

Fiscal Publishing