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The UK’s Largest Local & Specialist History Publisher

Country, Sporting & Equestrian Books, from Quiller

Local History, from Amberley Publishing

Polity Press: Leading International Publisher in the Social Sciences & Humanities

  • Postcolonialism (Paperback)
    A wide-ranging account and critical introduction to postc...
    From £13.34
    Save £4.65
  • * A clearly written and comprehensive account of the extr...
    From £13.34
    Save £4.65
  • World Risk Society (Paperback)
    aeo Brings together recent work of one of Europea s leadi...
    From £13.34
    Save £4.65
  • * The first ever reader on masculinities * Examines mascu...
    From £17.85
    Save £7.14
  • Urban Bonds (Paperback)
    What is the role of the neighbourhood in our understandin...
    From £14.65
    Save £5.34
  • Afghanistan (Paperback)
    Afghanistan has become synonymous with violence.
    From £12.02
    Save £3.97
  • Fresh introduction to the dramatic and festive practices ...
    From £12.68
    Save £4.31
  • Identifying Citizens (Paperback)
    New ID card systems are proliferating.
    From £12.02
    Save £3.97
  • The internet and the mobile phone have disrupted many of ...
    From £12.02
    Save £3.97

Essential Art & Design Studies Titles, from Thames & Hudson

Edinburgh University Press: The Premier Scottish Publisher of Academic Books

  • Shows practical applications of language analysis theory ...
    From £12.46
    Save £7.53
  • Animal Theory (Paperback)
    A critical introduction to theoretical approaches to the ...
    From £15.20
    Save £9.79
  • William Wallace (Paperback)
    Examines the elision of Wallace's after-life into narrati...
    From £12.46
    Save £7.54
  • Suitable for tutors, students and other creative writing ...
    From £16.42
    Save £8.57
  • The Victorian Gothic (Paperback)
    Suitable for students and scholars working on the Gothic,...
    From £12.46
    Save £7.53
  • Discusses works by Martin Amis, Ian McEwan, Don DeLillo, ...
    From £12.46
    Save £7.53
  • A collection of 15 essays by celebrated authors in Shakes...
    From £17.85
    Save £12.14
  • On the Edge (Paperback)
    The building of railways has had a profound but largely i...
    From £15.21
    Save £9.79
  • Family Law Essentials (Paperback)
    Offers an introductory guide for students of Family Law i...
    From £9.57
    Save £5.42

Fascinating & Beautiful Books from British Library Publishing

Philosophy, History & Health from O Books, Zero Books, Moon Books, Ayni Books, Changemakers Books, Circle Books & 12 other imprints from John Hunt Publishing

  • Mankind'S Last Chance (Paperback)
    The only solutions to our current economic, environmental...
    From £8.73
    Save £4.26
  • A one-stop guide to using life-coaching techniques to unl...
    From £6.06
    Save £3.93
  • Gadfly (Paperback)
    Faith in Jesus is only alive when it's hanging on the pre...
    From £10.19
    Save £8.80
  • Atheism Reclaimed (Paperback)
    A Lament for the Soul of Atheism.
    From £6.06
    Save £3.93
  • Ancient and enigmatic, the Morrigan reaches out to us - l...
    From £3.75
    Save £1.24
  • Religious tensions are increasing, hitting the headlines ...
    From £8.36
    Save £6.63
  • Collected Stories (Paperback)
    A collection of five volumes of some 1,000 very stories t...
    From £16.69
    Save £13.30
  • The Angel Messages (Hardback)
    Written simply, so that anyone at any age can enjoy them,...
  • Soul Power (Paperback)
    What are the tools for empowering the soul?
    From £6.06
    Save £3.93

Food & Drink, Craft & Home Style: Beautiful Gift Books from Ryland Peters & Small

  • The Winter Garden (Hardback)
    Bring colour and life to your garden during the cold wint...
    From £7.95
    Save £7.04
  • My First Science Book (Paperback)
    Uncover the exciting secrets of chemistry, physics and bi...
    From £5.59
    Save £4.40
  • Gill Heriz presents another inspirational collection of w...
    From £11.58
    Save £8.41
  • Oceanic Tarot (Other book format)
    Explore the past, present and future with 'Oceanic Tarot'.
    From £9.24
    Save £5.75
  • Naked Cakes (Hardback)
    So called 'naked cakes' are an increasingly popular choic...
    From £8.82
    Save £8.17
  • Plant-Based Paleo (Hardback)
    From £7.95
    Save £7.04
  • Power Grains (Hardback)
    Over 25 delicious recipes that make introducing Ancient g...
    From £5.79
    Save £4.20
  • Cycle London (Paperback)
    Cycle London has 20 unique routes designed to help you ma...
    From £7.08
    Save £5.91
  • The Office (Hardback)
    Whether it's how to style out a crippling hangover, behav...
    From £5.79
    Save £4.20

The Latest Military Releases from Osprey Publishing

Common Entrance & 11+ Exam Revision Guides, from Galore Park

Leading Publisher of Convergent Works in the Sciences, Humanities & Social Science

Mind, Body & Spirit from Singing Dragon