Delicious Recipes from the BBQ and Grill

If you want some amazingly creative finger food recipes then Finger Food from the BBQ and Grill will seduce you with its experimental ideas. These delicious recipes take their inspiration from the vibrant street food scene and present ideas for roll, wraps, waffles, gyros, quesadilla, hotdogs, ribs, kebabs, tataki, wings, pancakes, pulled meats. toasted sandwiches and bruschetta, as well as salads, sauces and dips to accompany these dishes.

We’re going to be sharing two of our favourite recipes from Finger Food from the BBQ and Grill this June….so fire up your BBQ and get ready!  Today, it’s Pulled Pork in a Filo Pastry Egg.


Makes 8 Cooking time: 45 minutes (not including the pulled pork) Difficulty: **/***


50 g soft unsalted butter

8 empty egg shells (carefully cut the top off 8 eggs, empty out and clean them; or use a readymade  product)

8 sheets filo pastry

250 g pulled pork (see Tip below), seasoned and finely shredded

8 small radishes (or balls scooped out of radishes)

1 egg

1. Melt the butter and coat the inside of the eggshells with it. Fold the pastry sheets into squares a quarter of their original size and carefully line the eggshells with them. Fill with a little pulled pork. 2. Place a radish (or radish ball) inside each egg and fill completely with the pulled pork. Carefully press down a little on the filling.

3. Beat the egg. Brush beaten egg over the overhanging pastry, cover the filling with it, and lightly press down until it sticks. Cut off the excess pastry with scissors.

4. Use a good amount of aluminium foil to make rings to enclose the eggs securely, then place them on the barbecue. Position the eggs inside the rings and cook indirectly for 10 minutes at 200°C. Take the eggs out of the barbecue and leave to cool for 15 minutes, after which they can be peeled.

Pulled pork, slow-cooked until tender, is a classic barbecued dish and is becoming increasingly popular at street food festivals and at barbecue parties.

Many ambitious barbecuers always keep a few portions of their home-made pulled pork in the freezer

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Credit info: Finger Food from the BBQ and Grill By Andreas Rumme, published by Grub Street.