Introducing our August Cookbook of the Month


Helping you create food, meditation and self-care rituals for optimal success and well-being, this cookbook will give you the tools to love your whole self and be the best you!

For the month of August, we’re going to be showcasing four of Cassandra’s amazing recipes and sharing her delicious, healthy recipes that are also indulgent too!  There is also a copy of ‘BE THE BEST YOU’ up for grabs!

Be the Best You
Meditations and Recipes for a Well-Lived Life. Eat With Intention
By Cassandra Bodzak

Forget fad diets and make peace with your plate. Be the Best You is your guide to losing weight and living better, simply by properly listening to your body.

This is not your traditional cookbook. You will not have to do a cleanse, eat kale every day, or eliminate an entire food group. Instead, you will learn the step-by-step process for eating with intention and put a stop to the never-ending cycle of fad diets, constant exhaustion, and general unhappiness with your body and yourself.

Meditation and wellness teacher Cassandra Bodzak struggled for years with unhealthy dieting, stomach pains, and food allergies. It was only when she began to listen to her body and eat with intention that she transformed her life. In this book, she shares her wisdom to help you discover:

How to uncover the foods that are hurting you
How to nourish your body from a place of self-love
How to incorporate a daily gratitude or meditation practice into your life
How to prepare nearly 75 plant-based recipes, each accompanied by a mantra and meditation for eating with purpose and fueling your body

So if you want to learn how to quiet your mind, start listening to your body, and love your whole self, then you are ready for this blueprint to a life that lights you up from the inside out. You are ready to live your best life with a clear head, open heart, and endless energy.

You can buy your copy of the book HERE + free UK delivery.

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