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Be More Like Brian…

Get in touch with your inner sloth and take it easy

This brilliant gift book could be yours! all you need to do is one let us know why you need to be more like Brian…just comment on this post on social media. This witty little giveaway comes courtesy of Ryland Peters & Small








A Sloth’s Guide to Taking It Easy
Be More Sloth with These Fail-Safe Tips for Serious Chilling
By Sarah Jackson

Is modern living stressing you out and getting on top of you? Try slowing things down a little by being more sloth. Living in the 21st century is exciting, but with everything moving so quickly it can feel a touch overwhelming.

It’s time that everybody relaxed and took a moment to enjoy the simple pleasures, but we also appreciate it’s easier said than done. That’s why we’ve enlisted the help of an expert to guide you along the path to peace.

Meet your mentor: Brian the sloth. Brian’s hilarious advice is presented in this brilliant gift book that taps into 2018’s cutest animal trend: sloths.

You can buy your copy HERE + free UK delivery

This giveaway ends at midnight on March 27th when one winner will be picked at random

Fabulous Books for your Fabulous Mother

This Mother’s Day let your Mum know how special she is with this lovely collection from Walker Books.

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My Mum Is Fantastic
By Nick Butterworth
Illustrated by Nick Butterworth

An exuberant celebration of extraordinary mothers everywhere, illustrated with great humour and warmth. The mum in this book is truly fantastic. She’s a brilliant artist, she can balance on a tightrope, she can swim like a fish, do amazing stunts on a bike and she can even tame wild animals … in fact, there’s very little this astounding mum can’t do. The book ends: “It’s great to have a mum like mine. It’s fantastic!” And no one can argue with that!

You can buy your copy HERE + free UK delivery

Are You Sure, Mother Bear?
By Amy Hest
Illustrated by Lauren Tobia

Will everything I love still be there when I wake? Mother Bear’s absolute reassurance – and an unexpected outing – enables a little cub to sleep in a masterful bedtime story.

From author Amy Hest and artist Lauren Tobia comes a warm and touching story that is sure to comfort all little bears before bedtime. On the first night of winter, Little Miss Bear will not go to sleep. She simply refuses. “Winter is for sleeping,” Mother Bear tells her. “All bears sleep, all winter long.” But all winter long is much too long for Little Miss Bear. She is going to miss her stars and her moon, and she is going to miss rolling on her hills. Most of all, she is going to miss her Mother Bear. Can Mother Bear reassure her that they will all be there waiting for her when she wakes in the spring?

You can buy your copy HERE + free UK delivery

Guess How Much I Love You
Illustrated by Anita Jeram
By Sam McBratney

A unique shimmering hardback edition of an internationally bestselling classic. An elegant pearlescent edition from the award-winning creators of Guess How Much I Love You.

This cherished picture book classic is presented in a luminous hardback that shimmers in the light and is detailed with ornate silver foil. It is a treasure to behold! The enchanting story of Little Nutbrown Hare and Big Nutbrown Hare trying to find ways to express their love for each other is the ideal gift for special occasions or anyone you love up to the moon and back. For activities, games, newsletters and more, visit

You can buy your copy HERE + free UK delivery

Good Night Like This
By Mary Murphy
Illustrated by Mary Murphy

From the creator of A Kiss Like This and Say Hello Like This, comes a third Like This novelty title – a gorgeous exploration of the many ways animals snuggle down to sleep, and the perfect read-aloud for parents and babies to share at bedtime.

The perfect bedtime read, snuggle down with this adorable new book from Mary Murphy, creator of A Kiss Like This and Say Hello Like This, as she invites you into lots of different little snorey, twitchy, cuddly animals’ homes as they get ready to go to sleep. With a beautiful sleepy action on every split-page, a lulling, rhythmical text and a cast of cute animal families, this book is sure to emit lots of oooh, aaaahs and … zzzzzz.

You can buy your copy HERE + free UK delivery

Say It!
By Charlotte Zolotow
Illustrated by Charlotte Voake

A very sweet, intimate portrayal of a mother-daughter relationship from two incredibly well-respected picture book creators. A very sweet, intimate portrayal of a mother-daughter relationship from two incredibly well-respected picture book creators.

On a golden, windy autumn day, a mother and a daughter go walking among the swirling leaves. As they share little adventures together – seeing a kitten, noticing the leaves’ colours, watching the setting sun colouring the clouds – the little girl keeps urging her mother to “Say it.” What it is isn’t revealed until the last page of the book … and, it turns out for both mother and daughter, it was being said all along.

You can buy your copy HERE + free UK delivery