• The Sea Devil (Hardback)
    Sam Jefferson
    In 1916, a three-masted windjammer bearing Norwegian colo...
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  • Lee Fratantuono
    This is a long overdue study of all aspects of Lucullus l...
    From £11.26
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  • Ian Hall
    Over a thirty-two-year military flying career which spann...
    From £11.48
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  • Hannibal's Road (Hardback)
    Mike Roberts
    Unprecedented focus on Hannibal's neglected campaigns in ...
    From £15.00
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  • The New Sultan (Hardback)
    Soner Cagaptay
    The aborted coup in Turkey has fired up interest in a cou...
    From £11.25
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  • The Durrells of Corfu (Paperback)
    Michael Haag
    The recent TV award winning adaption The Durrells left it...
    From £6.37
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  • Moses (Hardback)
    Avivah Gottlieb Zornberg
    An unprecedented portrait of Moses's inner world and perp...
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  • Joanna Marschner, David B...
    "This publication accompanies the exhibition Enlightened ...
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  • Mike Langley
    Graphic biography of one of the most extraordinary soldie...
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  • John Ashdown-Hill
    Edward's private world is revealed in this exciting new w...
    From £12.56
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  • Fionnuala Doran
    The extraordinary life of Roger Casement: celebrated huma...
    From £7.82
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  • Phantom Boys (Hardback)
    Richard Pike
    From Richard Pike, best-selling author of Hunter Boys and...
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  • Into the Dark (Hardback)
    Reginald Wilson, Janet Hu...
    On 20 January 1944 Bomber Command Navigator Reginald Wils...
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  • First Lady (Hardback)
    Sonia Purnell
    Through the Churchills' `wilderness years' in the 1930s, ...
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  • The Shepherd's Life (Hardback)
    James Rebanks
    Some people's lives are entirely their own creations.
  • Con Colbert (Paperback)
    John O'Callaghan
    Colbert commanded forces at Watkins' brewery and Jameson'...
    From £8.17
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  • Willie Pearse (Paperback)
    Roisin Ni Ghairbhi
    William "Willie" Pearse was a younger brother of Patrick ...
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  • Marcus Agrippa (Hardback)
    Lindsay Powell
    Marcus Agrippa was a key factor in the rise of Augustus a...
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