• John Adams
    Permaculture is a low cost, environmental and creative ap...
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  • John Shaw-Rimmington
    How to build beautiful walls, bridges and decorative gard...
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  • James Angus
    From £8.35
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  • Domino (Hardback)
    Editors of Domino
    From the editors of domino magazine comes the essential g...
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  • Editors of Domino
    From the editors of domino magazine, two essential guides...
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  • Cordwood Building (Paperback)
    Rob Roy
    Build beautiful cordwood buildings with comprehensive sta...
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  • Simply Styling (Hardback)
    Kirsten Grove
    Get the stylish and comfortable home you've longed for!
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  • Rummage, Remnants and Resale (Paperback / softback)
    Mary Linden Ragains
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  • Philip Hasheider
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  • Bathroom Upgrades (Paperback)
    "Fine Homebuilding"
    This completely revised and updated edition of the bestse...
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  • Lindsey Schiller, Marc Pl...
    Build your own passive solar greenhouse for year-round fo...
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  • Lisa Sykes
    A lavishly illustrated collection of features from the pa...
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  • The Extra Room (Hardback)
    Diarmuid Gavin
    Diarmuid Gavin is passionate about beautiful garden design.
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  • Andy Walker, Jennifer Sch...
    Energy efficiency measures are generally less expensive t...
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  • Blacksmith Shop Practice (Paperback / softback)
    James Cran
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  • Cut the Chaos (Hardback)
    Tim P Jones
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  • The Home Blacksmith (Paperback)
    Ryan Ridgway
    "The author, a home blacksmith, tells the history of blac...
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  • Reinventing Ikea (Paperback)
    Christine Baillet, Isabell...
    A practical and inspirational collection of seventy home ...
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