• Money, Sex, War, Karma (v.ution) (Paperback)
    David R. Loy
    From £10.74
    Save £2.25
  • Thich Nhat Hanh
    Once we have acquire the skills of mindfulness, we can sl...
    From £5.98
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  • The Buddha Said... (Paperback)
    Interprets the "Sutra of Forty-Two Chapters" - a scriptur...
    From £10.05
    Save £4.94
  • ZEN Body-being (Paperback)
    Peter Ralston, Laura Ralston
    From £10.73
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  • Change Your Mind (Paperback)
    Provides traditional practices for the readers to learn h...
    From £6.66
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  • Jeremy D. Safran
    From £9.08
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  • Pema Chodron
    Massmarket edition of this spiritual guide to making the ...
    From £6.99
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  • Kamala Tiyavanich
    Features real-life stories about 19th and early 20th cent...
    From £16.31
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  • Living with Awareness (Paperback)
    A discussion of the issues raised in the Satipatthana Sut...
    From £7.71
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  • Radical Acceptance (Paperback)
    Tara Brach
    This volume is a Buddhist "how-to" book that focuses prim...
    From £11.22
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  • A Deeper Beauty (Paperback)
    Paramananda, Lucy Fallon
    This series of essays on Buddhist practice shows how simp...
    From £7.19
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  • A Survey of Buddhism (Paperback)
    Bikshu Sangharakshita
    This is a comprehensive study of the entire field of Budd...
  • Stephen Batchelor
    From £9.83
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  • Lama Surya Das
    This title offers an inspiring, practical guide to applyi...
    From £9.20
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  • Kulananda, Aloka
    An introduction to the symbol of the Refugee Tree of the ...
    From £8.22
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  • Dalai Lama XIV
    As the spiritual leader of Tibet, His Holiness the Dalai ...
    From £4.11
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  • Bhikkhu Bodhi
    From £29.74
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  • The Three Jewels (Paperback)
    Bikshu Sangharakshita
    Providing an introduction to Buddhist doctrine and philos...