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  • Stuart Elden
    Territory is one of the central political concepts of the...
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  • Tracy B. Strong
    From Plato through the nineteenth century, the West could...
    From £12.94
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  • Political Emotions (Hardback)
    Martha C. Nussbaum
    Amid negative emotions endemic even to good societies, pu...
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  • William E. Connolly
    Seeking to extend sensitivity to the world's fragilities ...
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  • Slavoj Zizek
    Where are we today and what is to be done? Slavoj i e...
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  • Lesley Doyal, Len Doyal
    Doyal brings together findings from a wide range of empir...
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  • This Town (Hardback)
    Mark Leibovich
    One of the nation's most acclaimed journalists presents a...
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  • Moral Clarity (Paperback)
    Susan Neiman
    Shows how the philosophical resources of the eighteenth-c...
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  • Leon Surette
    A compelling reassessment of the politics of fascist symp...
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  • Mona Lena Krook, Fiona Ma...
    Political institutions profoundly shape political life an...
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  • Paul Kelly
    This volume contains a selection of writings from the sem...
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  • David Marsh, Gerry Stoker
    The systematically revised third edition of the leading t...
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  • Political Thinkers (Paperback)
    David Boucher, Paul Kelly
    Now in its second edition, this comprehensive introductio...
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  • The Upside of Down (Paperback)
    Thomas Homer-Dixon
    From £11.78
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  • The Republic (Paperback)
    Plato, Melissa Lane, Desmo...
    Presented in the form of a dialogue between Socrates and ...
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  • Political Ideologies (Paperback)
    Andrew Heywood
    This revised and updated 4th edition of the leading text ...
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  • Why Politics Matters (Paperback)
    Gerry Stoker
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  • Politics of Fear (Hardback)
    Frank Furedi
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