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  • David Marsh, Gerry Stoker
    The systematically revised third edition of the leading t...
    From £20.00
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  • Frantz Fanon
    A devastating account of the feelings of inadequacy exper...
  • Robert E. Goodin, Philip ...
    An updated and expanded edition of this comprehensive col...
    From £25.03
    Save £4.96
  • What is Politics? (Paperback)
    Adrian Leftwich
    What is politics?
    From £13.29
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  • War and Genocide (Paperback)
    Martin Shaw
    This comprehensive introduction to the study of war and g...
    From £15.51
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  • Chris Brown, Terry Nardin...
    Thinkers from the Classical Greeks to the First World War...
    From £34.66
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  • Will Kymlicka
    Providing an introduction to political theory, this book ...
    From £32.21
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  • Iain Hampsher-Monk
    Iain Hampsher-Monk s lucid and accessible history of mo...
    From £25.03
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  • Fighting Fascism (Paperback)
    Clara Zetkin
    Presented at a time when fascism was a new and little und...
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  • Ta-Nehisi Coates
    From £12.82
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  • Shane J. Pantin, Jerome T...
    This volume collects new angles and perspectives on issue...
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  • What Happened (CD-Audio)
    Hillary Rodham Clinton
    Hillary Clinton reveals what she was thinking during one ...
    From £22.59
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  • Derek Wall
    An argument that the commons is neither tragedy nor parad...
    From £11.23
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  • Weber (Paperback)
    Kieran Allen
    A critical introduction to Max Weber's sociology that off...
    From £12.23
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  • Dilemmas of Inclusion (Paperback)
    Rafaela M. Dancygier
    "This is a book about contemporary European politics and ...
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  • Durkheim (Paperback)
    Kieran Allen, Brian O...
    A critical introduction to the sociology and politics of ...
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  • Marx (Paperback)
    Kieran Allen
    An accessible and comprehensive overview of the ideas of ...
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  • Estelle Paranque, Nate Pr...
    This collection brings together essays examining the inte...
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