• Everyone's Future (Paperback)
    Daniel Murphy, Linda Crox...
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  • Alistair Bryce-Clegg
    In the original book - Continuous Provision, Alistair Bry...
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  • Finnish Lessons 2.0 (Paperback)
    Pasi Sahlberg, Diane Ravi...
    Sahlberg has thoroughly updated his groundbreaking accoun...
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  • Doug Lemov, Norman Atkins
    Teach Like a Champion 2.
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  • Literacy (Paperback)
    Phil Beadle
    Literacy is important.
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  • Primary Maths (Paperback)
    Nick Tiley-Nunn, Phil Beadle
    Primary maths is stereotypically loved by a few hairy odd...
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  • I Am Malala (Paperback)
    Malala Yousafzai, Christin...
    The bestselling memoir of youngest ever NOBEL PRIZE winne...
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  • Alison I. Griffith, Doroth...
    Under New Public Management explores how new managerial g...
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  • Fiona Gardner
    Reflection is a vital part of professional practice, but ...
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  • Frank Coffield, Cristina ...
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  • David Didau
    It states in the Teachers' Standards that all teachers mu...
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  • Chris Dukes, Maggie Smith
    This essential resource offers guidance, tips and tools c...
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  • Vic Goddard
    As much as I have been uncomfortable at times through the...
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  • David Thornburg
    How to optimize educational spaces, both physical and vir...
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  • I Am Malala (Hardback)
    Malala Yousafzai, Christin...
    The highly anticipated memoir of Malala Yousafzai, the sc...
  • Robert Blakey
    Can't be bothered to revise?
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  • Ann Locke
    A complete, flexible programme for building spoken langua...
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  • Dawn Leslie, Heather Mendick
    Debates in Mathematics Education explores the major issue...
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