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  • Robert McColl Millar
    From £18.43
    Save £6.56
  • Niccolo Machiavelli, Olive...
    The Prince offers - some believe with satirical intent - ...
    From £5.26
    Save £3.73
  • Political Theory (Hardback)
    Andrew Heywood
    From £59.38
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  • Republicanism (Paperback)
    Daniel Weinstock, Christia...
    In this collection of writings, leading historians of pol...
    From £31.61
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  • Governance (Paperback)
    Anne Mette Kjaer
    Governance is an easy--to read introduction to an increas...
    From £13.35
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  • Colin Farrelly
    Colin Farrelly's central objective in writing this introd...
    From £22.63
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  • Andrew Dobson
    Andrew Dobson argues that ecological citizenship cannot b...
    From £38.84
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  • T. R. S. Allan
    This work offers a systematic interpretation of the ideal...
    From £27.54
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  • Jean-Jacques Rousseau
    From £2.83
  • John Allen
    * Explores the difference that space and spatiality makes...
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  • Democracy (Paperback)
    Anthony Arblaster
    Looks at the history of both the theory and practice of d...
    From £17.48
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  • Politics (Hardback)
    Barry Axford, Gary K. Bro...
    The second edition of this user-friendly text for student...
    From £91.77
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  • Adam Smith, Knud Haakonss...
    A 2002 edition of Adam Smith's Theory of Moral Sentiments...
  • Value, Respect, and Attachment (No. 4) (Paperback)
    Joseph Raz
    A concise, pithy and attractively humane account of some ...
  • Welfare Theory (Paperback)
    Tony Fitzpatrick, Jo Camp...
    Social policy debates often get lost in highly technical ...
    From £28.54
  • Orwell and Politics (Paperback)
    George Orwell, Peter Davi...
    Brings together the author's other works exploring the na...
    From £12.83
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  • Roger Scruton
    First published in 1980, this contribution to political t...
    From £21.71
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  • Political Thought (Paperback)
    Michael Rosen, Jonathan W...
    Contains 140 helpful readings covering the debates in the...
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