• Amanda Foreman
    Sex, intrigue and adultery in the world of high politics ...
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  • Charlemagne (Paperback)
    Roger Collins
    Charlemagne remains one of the most compelling figures in...
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  • Ian McIntosh
    This Reader brings together a generous selection of readi...
    From £21.04
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  • Finding Peggy (Paperback)
    Meg Henderson
    Meg Henderson mother and her Aunt Peggy, shielded her fro...
    From £6.45
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  • Nero (Paperback)
    Mariam T. Griffin
    Nero's personality and crimes have always intrigued histo...
    From £23.18
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  • Calvin (Paperback)
    Emanuel Stickelberger, Dav...
    Few great men have been so consistently misunderstood as ...
    From £15.89
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  • Condoleezza Rice (Hardback)
    Marcus Mabry, Jonathan Fr...
    Features the biography of Condoleezza Rice.
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  • Adam Horowitz
    From £9.21
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  • Alex Wright
    From £14.01
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  • Queen Anne (Hardback)
    James Anderson Winn
    In this comprehensive interdisciplinary biography, richly...
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  • Alexander the Great (Paperback)
    Hugh Bowden
    In 336 BC Alexander the Great became king of Macedon.
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  • James VII (Paperback)
    Alastair J. Mann
    The first single-volume study of James VII as a late Stew...
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  • Robert the Bruce (Hardback)
    Michael Penman
    Robert the Bruce (1274-1329) was the famous unifier of Sc...
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  • Louisa Catherine (Hardback)
    Margery M. Heffron, David ...
    Shrewd, intellectual and articulate, she was close to the...
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  • The Genius (Paperback)
    Eliyahu Stern
    Elijah ben Solomon, the "Genius of Vilna", was perhaps th...
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  • Jefferson's Shadow (Paperback)
    Keith Thomson
    Reintroduces us to Thomas Jefferson's eighteenth-century ...
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  • Simon Loftus
    From £8.45
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  • Emperor of Liberty (Hardback)
    Francis D. Cogliano
    Beginning with Thomas Jefferson's disastrous stint as war...
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