• Christopher Nyerges
    A full-color field and feast guide with images to the mos...
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  • Irwin M. Brodo, Sylvia Dur...
    Created in response to requests from longtime users, this...
    From £15.97
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  • The Ash Tree (Paperback)
    Oliver Rackham
    This is the first book dedicated to the Ash Tree by one o...
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  • Claude A. Barr, James H. ...
    From £16.54
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  • Allen J. Coombes, Zsolt D...
    From £21.26
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  • The Green Thread (Hardback)
    John Ryan, Dr. Patricia ...
    The Green Thread is an interdisciplinary collection of es...
    From £50.04
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  • Stephen Harris
    Taking us on a chronological journey, Stephen Harris iden...
    From £10.73
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  • Peter Goodfellow
    An engaging and informative study of all the most importa...
    From £8.49
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  • Mulberry (Paperback)
    Stephen Bowe
    Deals with mulberry trees (both Morus nigra and Morus alb...
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  • John Gerard
    From £45.82
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  • Posthuman Plants (Paperback / softback)
    John Ryan Fca
    From £25.44
  • Benjamin Swett
    A celebration of New York's great trees in stories and ph...
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  • Venerable Trees (Hardback)
    Tom Kimmerer
    Central Kentucky and central Tennessee still boast one of...
    From £29.96
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  • Flora of Florida (Volume II) (Hardback)
    Richard P. Wunderlin, Bruc...
    With more than 4,000 kinds of native and non-native ferns...
    From £50.71
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  • Seeds of Hope (Paperback)
    Jane Goodall, Gail Hudson...
    Renowned naturalist and bestselling author Jane Goodall e...
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  • Braam van Wyk
    From £5.79
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  • Alain Bellocq, Jaroslav Maly
    A gorgeous collection of full-colour photographs of over ...
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  • Alien Plants (129) (Paperback)
    Clive A. Stace, Michael J....
    The word 'aliens' can be used in many ways, to invoke fea...
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