• Megan Bryson
    Dali is a small region on a high plateau in Southeast Asia.
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  • Tony See, Joff Bradley
    This book explores the resonances between Deleuze's philo...
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  • Borobudur (Paperback)
    Uitgeverij Aspekt
    From £12.78
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  • Caitilin J. Groffoths
    Women have long been active supporters and promoters ofBu...
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  • Felix Unger, Daisaku Ikeda
    What is the nature of tolerance?
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  • Felix Unger, Daisaku Ikeda
    What is the nature of tolerance?
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  • The Buddha Journey (Paperback / softback)
    Quang Tri
    The Buddha Journey aspires to answer the most co...
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  • From Stone to Flesh (Paperback)
    Donald S. Lopez Jr
    We have come to admire Buddhism for being profound but ac...
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  • Every Breath You Take (Paperback)
    Rose Elliot
    We are all born with the perfect tool for mindfulness. ...
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  • Geshe Kelsang Gyatso
    Revised and clarified to guide the meditator through the ...
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  • Teaching Buddhism (Hardback)
    Todd Lewis, Gary Delany D...
    This volume explores the ways that leading scholars of Bu...
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  • Judging Jesus (Paperback)
    Wayne G. Johnson
    In gospel accounts, Jesus asks of his disciples, "Who do ...
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  • Hearn
    First published in 2006.
    From £24.36
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  • Paving the Great Way (Paperback)
    Jonathan C. Gold
    The Indian Buddhist philosopher Vasubandhu (fourth-fifth ...
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  • Sherap Khenpo Phuntsok
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  • Kiri Paramore
    Religion and Orientalism in Asian Studies analyses the ro...
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  • Benedict Anderson
    In 1975, when political scientist Benedict Anderson reach...
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  • Out of the Ordinary (Hardback)
    Michael Dillon, Cameron P...
    Out of the Ordinary is the memoir of Dr.
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