• "I want to make it clear before we start what the title r...
    From £12.91
  • Wolfgang Streeck
    The provocative political thinker asks if it will be with...
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  • Richard Q. Turcsanyi
    This book offers an assessment of China's assertive forei...
    From £64.48
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  • I, Maybot (Hardback)
    John Crace
    Stumble for short.' 'Kim Jong-May awkward and incredulous...
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  • Betting the House (Paperback)
    Tim Ross, Tom McTague
    The story of the 2017 general election told by two respec...
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  • The New Localism (Hardback)
    Bruce Katz, Jeremy Nowak
    Finding local solutions when the nation cannot, or will not.
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  • Gaza (Hardback)
    Donald Macintyre
    A highly respected voice reveals the truth behind the myt...
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  • NAMA Land (Paperback)
    Frank Connolly
    The National Asset Management Agency was created to help ...
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  • Malcolm Sawyer
    The economies of the eurozone countries are plagued by mu...
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  • Maria G. Rewakowicz
    This study examines the connections between literature an...
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  • 1997 (Paperback)
    Richard Power Sayeed
    An immersive account of Britain in 1997, a year which lai...
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  • Ta-Nehisi Coates
    'I've been wondering who might fill the intellectual void...
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  • The Road to Somewhere (Paperback)
    David Goodhart
    Many Remainers reported waking up the day after the Brexi...
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  • The Lost Majority (Paperback)
    Michael Ashcroft
    Insightful analysis explaining how and why the British vo...
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  • Enough Said (Paperback)
    Mark Thompson
    Political rhetoric has become stale and the mistrust of p...
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  • Durkheim (Paperback)
    Kieran Allen, Brian O...
    A critical introduction to the sociology and politics of ...
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  • Marina Vishmidt, Anthony ...
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  • Coalition Diaries (Hardback)
    David Laws
    Frank, funny and shocking: the inside account of the Coal...
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