• Ric Messier
    Operating System Forensics is the first book to cover all...
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  • Nick Moon
    From £4.44
  • Digital Insurance (Hardback)
    Bernardo Nicoletti
    This book explores the ways in which the adoption of new ...
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  • Robina Chatham
    Being an IT manager for the first time can be daunting.
    From £25.89
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  • Carl Adam Petri (Hardback)
    Einar Smith, Tim Denvir
    The book presents the life and works of one of Germany's ...
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  • Murat Erder, Pierre Pureur
    Continuous Architecture provides a broad architectural pe...
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  • Presumptive Design (Paperback)
    Leo Frishberg, Charles La...
    Everything you know about the future is wrong.
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  • Shun-Zheng Yu
    Hidden semi-Markov models (HSMMs) are among the most impo...
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  • Gerard O'Regan
    This accessible compendium examines a collection of signi...
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  • Ivan Mistrik, Richard Mark...
    Software Quality Assurance in Large Scale and Complex Sof...
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  • Elizabeth Rosenzweig
    Successful User Experience: Strategy and Roadmaps provide...
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  • John Michopoulos, David R...
    This book series aims to capture advances in computers an...
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  • Domenico Talia, Paolo Tru...
    Data Analysis in the Cloud introduces and discusses model...
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  • Valerio Arnaboldi, Andrea ...
    Online Social Networks: Human Cognitive Constraints in Fa...
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  • Embedded Systems (Paperback)
    Jason D. Bakos
    Embedded Systems: ARM Programming and Optimization combin...
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  • PCI DSS 3.1 (Paperback)
    Branden R. Williams
    PCI DSS has recently updated its standard to 3.1.
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  • Igor Ljubuncic
    Problem-Solving in High Performance Computing: A Situatio...
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  • You: For Sale (Paperback)
    Stuart Sumner
    Everything we do online, and increasingly in the real wor...
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