• Bob Press, Christine Hart...
    This compact, easy-to-use pocket-size guide is aimed at b...
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  • British Wild Flowers (7) (Paperback)
    Victoria Brooker
    Easy-to-follow identification guides for budding nature l...
    From £5.41
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  • Natural Histories (Paperback)
    Brett Westwood, Stephen Moss
    A cultural history of the natural world in 25 species -- ...
    From £8.95
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  • Seeds on Ice (Hardback)
    Cary Fowler, Peter Crane,...
    The remarkable story of the Global Seed Vault--and the va...
    From £29.44
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  • Be More Tree (Paperback)
    Alice Peck, Melissa Launay
    Discover how all trees can mirror us, teach us and heal us.
    From £7.09
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  • A Wild Plant Year (Paperback)
    Christina Hart-Davies
    A seasonal compendium of Britain's best-loved wild plants...
    From £9.56
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  • Petchtamsee (Hardback)
    Kaimook Chaweewanakorn
    This beautiful book showcases the author's achievements i...
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  • J. P. Roux, Gillian A. Co...
    From £24.82
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  • Treecology (Paperback)
    Monica Russo, Kevin Byron
    From £12.19
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  • Plant Hunter in Tibet (Paperback)
    First published in 2006.
    From £24.36
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  • Cactus of the Southwest (Spiral bound)
    Nora Bowers, Rick Bowers
    When you're out and about, keep this tabbed booklet by No...
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  • Bliss Irises (Paperback)
    Anne Milner
    Anne Milner presents her family history intertwined with ...
    From £10.60
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  • Amy Stewart, Briony Morro...
    For nature lovers, garden enthusiasts, and colouring book...
    From £6.02
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  • The Wood Book (Hardback)
    Francesc Zamora
    Detailed descriptions, colour photographs and statistical...
    From £17.45
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  • Anna Laurent
    A stunning collection of botanical wall charts from all a...
    From £16.92
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  • Fiona Stafford
    A lyrical tribute to the diversity of trees, their physic...
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  • National Audubon Society
    Joyful heralds of the season, wildflowers adorn landscape...
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  • Jim Pojar, Andy MacKinnon
    From £18.98
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