• Bluebird CN7 (Paperback)
    Donald Stevens
    Records the development, construction and operation of th...
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  • Porsche Turbo (Hardback)
    Randy Leffingwell
  • Two Summers (Hardback)
    Robert Ackerson
    A limited collector's edition of just 1500 copies. Explo...
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    Save £39.52
  • Porsche 917 (Hardback)
    Ian Wagstaff
    The iconic Porsche 917 took Porsche to its first Le Mans ...
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  • 1001 Drag Racing Facts (Paperback / softback)
    Doug Boyce
    From £16.35
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  • The History of the Sunbeam Alpine (Paperback / softback)
    John Wilshire
    The full history of the Sunbeam Alpine, including its des...
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  • The Indy Car Wars (Paperback / softback)
    Sigur E. Whitaker
    The world of Champ Car auto racing had changed.
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  • Start Your Engines (Hardback)
    Jay W. Pennell, Jeff Gluck
    Start Your Engines contains twenty-nine chapters describi...
  • Alexandra Lier
    Nowhere else have so many land speed records been set as ...
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  • Quentin Spurring
    Officially licensed with the ACO, the organisers of the a...
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  • Grand Prix Circuits (Hardback)
    Maurice Hamilton
    For the first time, the stories of every venue to host a ...
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  • GP Classics (Paperback / softback)
    Chris Lambden
  • Driving on the Edge (Hardback)
    Michael Krumm
  • This Is Indy (Hardback)
    Ross R. Olney
    The Indianapolis Speedway Race is the most exciting one o...
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  • Bryan Apps
    This biography of Raymond Mays includes complete historie...
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  • Daimler AG
    Headlong with drive: the exclusive collector's edition of...
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  • Daimler AG
    Outstanding vehicles from the history of Mercedes-Benz mo...
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  • Ferrari 333 SP (Paperback / softback)
    Terry O'Neill
    Designed by Ferrari's Mauro Rioli, with British race car ...
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