• Rough Justice (Hardback)
    David Tremain, Nigel West
    What made a Dutchman escape to England in 1942 ostensibly...
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    Save £7.44
  • Tamara Loos
    From £19.74
    Save £8.21
  • Charlemagne (Hardback)
    Johannes Fried, Peter Lewis
    When the legendary Frankish king and emperor Charlemagne ...
    From £21.96
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  • Frederick the Great (Paperback)
    Tim Blanning
    'Highly readable and deeply researched' - Andrew Roberts ...
    From £10.40
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  • Thomas Cranmer (Paperback)
    Diarmaid MacCulloch
    Thomas Cranmer, the architect of the Anglican Book of Com...
    From £12.56
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  • Markievicz (Paperback)
    Lindie Naughton
    From £13.21
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  • Shlomo Goren, Avi Rath
    From £14.73
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  • Nick Nicholas, Stewart Kent
    The first book on SOE Agent Michael Trotobas, a legendary...
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  • John Stauffer, Zoe Trodd,...
    A landmark and collectible duotone volume, that now canon...
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  • Suffragette (Paperback)
    Emmeline Pankhurst, Lesley...
    Emmeline Pankhurst's autobiography gives the reader an in...
    From £7.89
  • My Way (Hardback)
    Alan Friedman
    Alan Friedman tells the story of Silvio Berlusconi, the b...
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  • The Courage to Act (Hardback)
    Ben S. Bernanke
    Ben S.
    From £21.12
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  • Alison Weir
    Her mother was a queen, her father an earl, and she herse...
  • Jason H. Silverman
    In this succinct study, Jason H.
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  • Thomas More (Hardback)
    Travis Curtright
    This collection of essays addresses Thomas More's guiding...
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  • No More Champagne (Hardback)
    David Lough
    The untold story of Winston Churchill's precarious finances.
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  • The National Joker (Hardback)
    Todd Nathan Thompson
    The National Joker considers the reciprocal relationship ...
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  • The Orpheus Clock (Paperback)
    Simon Goodman
    Simon Goodman's grandparents came from German-Jewish bank...
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