• Amanda Foreman
    Sex, intrigue and adultery in the world of high politics ...
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  • Charlemagne (Paperback)
    Roger Collins
    Charlemagne remains one of the most compelling figures in...
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  • Ian McIntosh
    This Reader brings together a generous selection of readi...
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  • Finding Peggy (Paperback)
    Meg Henderson
    Meg Henderson mother and her Aunt Peggy, shielded her fro...
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  • Nero (Paperback)
    Mariam T. Griffin
    Nero's personality and crimes have always intrigued histo...
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  • Calvin (Paperback)
    Emanuel Stickelberger, Dav...
    Few great men have been so consistently misunderstood as ...
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  • Tehani Wessely, Tansy Rayn...
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  • The Power Broker (Hardback)
    Robert A. Caro
  • The Churchill Factor (Paperback)
    Boris Johnson
    Boris Johnson brings the legacy of Sir Winston Churchill ...
  • The Strangest Family (Paperback)
    Janice Hadlow
    An intensely moving account of George III's doomed attemp...
  • The Woman in Red (Paperback)
    Hallie Rubenhold
    It was the divorce that scandalised Georgian England...
  • Tigress of Forli (Paperback)
    Elizabeth Lev
    The fascinating portrait of the ultimate Renaissance woma...
  • Clouds of Glory (Paperback)
    Michael Korda
  • Gordon Thorburn
    'Where's everybody else, Morrison?' - Wing Commander Padd...
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  • Natalie Livingstone
    Offers the story of five women, and a biography of the ho...
  • Colonel John Hughes-Wilson
    Reading this book by former intelligence officer Colonel ...
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  • Genghis Khan (Hardback)
    Frank McLynn
    Genghis Khan was by far the greatest conqueror the world.
  • Young Lawrence (Paperback)
    Anthony Sattin
    A biography of Lawrence of Arabia in the years that forme...