• Elizabeth (Hardback)
    Lisa Hilton
    A definitive portrait of one of the most compelling monar...
  • Kagame (Hardback)
    Francois Soudan
    President of Rwanda for the past thirteen years, Paul Kag...
    From £13.59
  • The Brothers (Paperback)
    Stephen Kinzer
    During the 1950s, when the Cold War was at its peak, two ...
  • Carl Schmitt (Hardback)
    Reinhard Mehring
    Carl Schmitt is widely recognized as one of the most impo...
    From £29.40
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  • Havel (Hardback)
    Michael Zantovsky
    This startling biography explores the remarkable life of ...
  • Good Son (Hardback)
    Christopher Andersen
    Andersen reveals new details about JFK Jr and his relatio...
  • Mitterrand (Paperback)
    Philip Short
    Aesthete, sensualist, bookworm, politician of Machiavelli...
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  • Hugh Howard
    From £10.23
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  • Tennyson (Paperback)
    John Batchelor
    Alfred Lord Tennyson, Queen Victoria's favourite poet, co...
  • Herzl (Paperback)
    Shlomo Avineri
  • A Man Most Driven (Hardback)
    Peter Firstbrook
    Discovering the New World in an entirely new way
  • Isaac Deutscher
    Classic biography of Russian revolutionary Leon Trotsky, ...
  • John G. Stoessinger
    From £11.01
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  • Nation Builder (Hardback)
    Charles N. Edel
    America's rise from revolutionary colonies to a world pow...
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  • Worldly Philosopher (Paperback)
    Jeremy Adelman
    From £13.53
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  • Bettina Stangneth
    Drawing upon an astounding trove of newly discovered docu...
  • Gandhi (Paperback)
    Arvind Sharma
    Shifting the focus to the understudied subject of Gandhi'...
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  • Wellington's Wars (Paperback)
    Huw-J Davies
    Arthur Wellesley, Duke of Wellington lives on in popular ...
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