• M.Edith Durham, Bejtullah ...
    The author fought tirelessly for Albanian independence an...
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  • The Eternal Nazi (Paperback)
    Nicholas Kulish, Souad Me...
  • George V (Hardback)
    David Cannadine
    For a man with such conventional tastes and views, George...
  • The Trident (Paperback)
    Jason Redman, John Bruning
    "A Navy SEAL's highly-charged account of his combat missi...
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  • Macaulay (Paperback)
    Zareer Masani
    Was Thomas Macaulay a cultural imperialist or a prophetic...
  • Waging Peace (Paperback)
    David Hartsough, Joyce Ho...
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  • Tennyson (Paperback)
    John Batchelor
    Alfred Lord Tennyson, Queen Victoria's favourite poet, co...
  • Mark Bostridge
    As the much anticipated film adaptation of Vera Brittain'...
  • Stephen Drury Smith, Blanc...
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  • Henry VIII (Hardback)
    John Guy
    Charismatic, insatiable and cruel, Henry VIII was a king ...
  • West Point, 1915 (Hardback)
    Michael Haskew
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  • John Ferling
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  • Worth Fighting for (Paperback)
    Rory Fanning
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  • Charles I (Hardback)
    Mark A. Kishlansky
    Dominates one of the most strange and painful periods in ...
  • Nico Medina
    Born in Rome in 100 BC, he quickly climbed the ladder of ...
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  • Life Lincoln (Hardback)
    The Editors of Life
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  • Franco (Hardback)
    Stanley G. Payne, Jesus P...
    The first comprehensive scholarly biography of Franco in ...
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  • Burton Barr (Hardback)
    Philip R. Vandermeer
    Arizona House Majority Leader Burton Barr's leadership st...
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