• Katharine of Aragon (Paperback)
    Patrick Williams
    The tragic story of Henry VIII's first unfortunate wife f...
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  • Shot at Dawn (Paperback)
    Robert King
    From £7.20
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  • Douglas Bader (5) (Paperback)
    Michael Evans
  • The Naked Heroine (Paperback)
    John Izbicki
    This is the fascinating story of Lydia Lova; one of the m...
    From £9.19
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  • David Loades
    An authoritative and accessible history of the lives of t...
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  • Benjamin Franklin (Paperback)
    Nathan R. Kozuskanich
    From £20.68
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  • Eamonn Ceannt (8) (Paperback)
    Mary Gallagher
    Eamonn Ceannt was one of the founding members of the Iris...
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  • Arik (Paperback)
    David Landau
    From £11.60
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  • Lawrence Goldman
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  • Boris Johnson
  • The Colditz Story (Paperback)
    Major P. R. Reid
    This is the original, bestselling true story of the Coldi...
  • Camelot's Court (Paperback / softback)
    Professor of Hi Robert Da...
    From £7.43
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  • Major P. R. Reid
  • Father and Daughter (Paperback)
    Ann Oakley
    Father and Daughter provides an unique 'insider perspecti...
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  • Jack the Ripper (Paperback)
    Victor Stapleton, Darren Tan
    Over a century ago terror stalked the streets of Whitecha...
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  • Backwater Blues (Paperback)
    Richard M. Mizelle Jr.
    From £18.12
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  • Backwater Blues (Hardback)
    Richard M. Mizelle Jr.
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  • Colin Murphy, Brendan O&#...
    The Feckin' collection returns with a funny, original and...
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