• Turning the Tide (Hardback)
    Angela V. John
    This rich biography tells the remarkable tale of Margaret...
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  • Terrence Edward Paupp, Pro...
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  • Elizabeth Woodville (Paperback)
    David MacGibbon
    The real story of the 'White Queen'
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  • Kenneth Fedzin
    Set around the time of the 1863 Uprising and World War II...
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  • Amy Licence
    Discover the true story of Richard III's mother, one of h...
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  • Malthus (Hardback)
    Robert J. Mayhew
    Though Robert Malthus has never disappeared, he has been ...
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  • Amy Licence
    The real story of the 'Kingmaker's Daughter'.
    From £6.75
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  • American Spartan (Hardback)
    Ann Scott Tyson
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  • Damn Few (Paperback)
    Rorke Denver
    With all the SEALs' recent successes, we have been gettin...
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  • Dale Maharidge
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  • The Valley (Hardback)
    Richard Benson
    From the #1 bestselling author of The Farm, this is the s...
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  • Elihu Yale (Hardback)
    Diana Scarisbrick, Benjami...
    Rare is the man with the force of character, powers of le...
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  • For Adam's Sake (Hardback)
    Allegra Di Bonaventura
    "A work of astonishing ingenuity, intellectual and emotio...
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  • The Wrath of Cochise (Paperback)
    Terry Mort
    In February 1861, the twelve-year-old son of Arizona ranc...
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  • Mike Rosel
    This is a well-researched biography of one of the greates...
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  • The Buccaneer King (Hardback)
    Graham A. Thomas
    A New biography of Sir Henry Morgan, one of the most ruth...
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  • Martin Duberman
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  • Simon Danczuk, Matthew Baker
    A deeply troubling story of Cyril Smith's shocking abuse ...
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