• Louisa Catherine (Paperback)
    Margery M. Heffron, David ...
    From £15.71
  • Roy Jenkins (Paperback)
    John Campbell
    Roy Jenkins was probably the best Prime Minister Britain ...
    From £12.80
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  • Taking Command (Paperback)
    General Sir David Richards
    The outspoken autobiography of one of Britain's best know...
    From £8.45
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  • Another Man's War (Paperback)
    Barnaby Phillips
    He swore an oath to King and Empire... but they forgot him
    From £8.45
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  • Twilight of the Few (Hardback)
    Geoffrey Wellum, Simon Pe...
    Geoffrey Wellum, author of the bestselling First Light, w...
    From £14.62
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  • Peg Plunkett (Hardback)
    Julie Peakman
    The extraordinary life of the Georgian era's most famous ...
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  • Victoria (Paperback)
    A. N. Wilson
    The first comprehensively researched biography of Queen V...
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  • The Unreturning Army (Paperback)
    Huntly Gordon
    As the summer of 1914 drew to a close, it was difficult f...
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  • The Nixon Defense (Paperback)
    John W. Dean
    From £11.60
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  • A Man Most Driven (Paperback)
    Peter Firstbrook
    Discovering the New World in an entirely new way
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  • Stalin's Daughter (Hardback)
    Rosemary Sullivan
    A painstakingly researched, revelatory biography of Svetl...
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  • The Forgotten Spy (Hardback)
    Nicky Barrett
    In this remarkable tale about an unremarkable man, Nick B...
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  • Havel (Paperback)
    Michael Zantovsky
    This startling biography explores the remarkable life of ...
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  • Peter Warwick
    From £5.41
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  • The Hopkins Touch (Paperback)
    David L. Roll
    "The best biography of a crucial figure at pivotal moment...
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  • Phantom Boys (Hardback)
    Richard Pike
    From Richard Pike, best-selling author of Hunter Boys and...
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  • Philip Mansel
    The definitive portrait of Napoleon's court
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  • Mahathir Mohamad
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