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  • Robert Hutchings, Jeremi ...
    This book aims to 'reinvent' diplomacy for our current era.
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  • Dr. Thomas W. Cawkwell
    The war in Afghanistan came to an end in 2014 after nearl...
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  • Madison's Hand (Hardback)
    Mary Sarah Bilder
    No document depicts the Constitutional Convention s chari...
    From £19.78
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  • Caligula (Paperback)
    Aloys Winterling, Deborah ...
    The infamous emperor Caligula ruled Rome as a tyrant who ...
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  • Roger Stone, Robert Morrow
    Hillary Clinton is running for president as an "advocate ...
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  • Contentious Politics (Paperback)
    Charles Tilly, Sidney Tarrow
    Charles Tilly and Sidney Tarrow present a set of analytic...
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  • Rachel Hammersley
    Since at least the mid-seventeenth century, the concept o...
  • Revolutionary Moments (Paperback)
    Rachel Hammersley
    Since at least the mid-seventeenth century, the concept o...
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  • Why War (Paperback)
    Simon Stander
    This groundbreaking survey explains why war remains predo...
    From £28.73
  • Revolutionary Ideas (Paperback)
    Jonathan Israel
    Historians of the French Revolution used to take for gran...
    From £21.49
  • Ulrich Ranke
    This textbook provides a thorough introduction to natural...
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  • Kimberley Brownlee
    When is it justified to disobey the law?
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  • Matthew Scherer
    Beyond Church and State argues that secularism is a proce...
  • Alastair Bellany, Thomas ...
    A year after the death of James I in 1625, a sensational ...
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  • Jay Cost
    Cronyism is a serious problem in the United States, but u...
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  • Professor Alessandro Ferrara
    Alessandro Ferrara explains what he terms 'the democratic...
  • Claudia Pahl-Wostl
    This book offers the first comprehensive treatment of mul...
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  • Disarming Conflict (Paperback)
    Ernie Regehr
    In the last twenty-five years alone, by Ernie Regehr's co...
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