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  • Oliver Marchart
    This is a wide-ranging overview of the emergence of post-...
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  • Lenin Reloaded (Paperback)
    Sebastian Budgen, Stathis ...
    Explains that it was Lenin who made Karl Marx's thought e...
    From £15.61
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  • The Upside of Down (Paperback)
    Thomas Homer-Dixon
  • The Republic (Paperback)
    Plato, Melissa Lane, Desmo...
    Presented in the form of a dialogue between Socrates and ...
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  • Paul Berman, Richard Holb...
    The author of the best-selling Terror and Liberalism on t...
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  • David Harvey
    Writing for a wide audience, Harvey here tells the politi...
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  • Why Politics Matters (Paperback)
    Gerry Stoker
    Achieving mass democracy was the great triumph of the las...
  • Bolshevism and the British Left (v. 2) (Paperback)
    Kevin Morgan
    The second in the series, this book explores how the vete...
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  • Politics of Fear (Hardback)
    Frank Furedi
    The terms "left" and "right" pervade all our discussions ...
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  • R. Millar
    Language, Nation and Power provides students with a discu...
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  • Niccolo Machiavelli, Olive...
    The Prince offers - some believe with satirical intent - ...
  • Republicanism (Paperback)
    Christian Nadeau, Daniel ...
    In this collection of writings, leading historians of pol...
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  • Governance (Paperback)
    Anne Mette Kjaer
    This is the first book to fully explore the way in which ...
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  • Colin Farrelly
    Colin Farrelly's central objective in writing this introd...
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  • Andrew Dobson
    Andrew Dobson argues that ecological citizenship cannot b...
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  • T. R. S. Allan
    This work offers a systematic interpretation of the ideal...
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  • Jean-Jacques Rousseau
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  • John Allen
    * Explores the difference that space and spatiality makes...
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