• Sarah-Jane Downing
    The broader Regency period 1795 to 1820, stands alone as ...
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  • Alexander Mcqueen (Hardback)
    Judith Watt
    A retrospective of McQueen's designs and a salute to his ...
    From £10.13
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  • Marnie Fogg
    A neat collection of 1950s pattern, this book covers the ...
    From £6.54
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  • Alexandra Croom
    A detailed, finely researched and profusely illustrated h...
    From £10.75
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  • Fashion Timeline (Hardback)
    Caroline Rennolds Milbank,...
    One of America's premier fashion historians offers an unr...
    From £32.72
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  • A Portrait of Fashion (Paperback)
    Aileen Ribeiro, Cally Bla...
    Illustrated throughout with paintings, drawings, photogra...
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  • David Foy
    With over 125 lavish images Galliano: Fashion's Enfant Te...
    From £11.24
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  • Vintage Fashion (Hardback)
    Emma Baxter-Wright
    Offering a visual journey through the fashion of the deca...
  • Rayne (Hardback)
    Michael Pick
    Royal Shoemakers Rayne was founded by Henry and Mary Rayn...
    From £18.76
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  • Julie Summers
    In September 1939, just three weeks after the outbreak of...
  • Felicity Green, Barbara H...
    The stories of the Daily Mirror fashion pages from the 19...
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  • Rebecca Quinton
    This book is the first in the series of publications abou...
    From £9.75
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  • 1920s Style (Hardback)
    Kate Mulvey, Marnie Fogg,...
    The Roaring Twenties was a time of emancipation for women...
  • Vintage Swimwear (Paperback)
    Jill Salen
    Featuring over 25 swimming costumes, two-piece garments a...
    From £11.24
    Save £8.76
  • Sharp Suits (Hardback)
    Eric Musgrave
    Clothes maketh the man.
  • Costume and Fashion (Paperback)
    James Laver, Amy de la Haye
    From the invention of the needle to the dawn of denim, ne...
    From £7.17
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  • Vintage Lingerie (Paperback)
    Jill Salen
    Patterns for a range of fabulous vintage pieces from the ...
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  • Vintage Weddings (Hardback)
    Marnie Fogg
    A visual journey through 100 years of wedding styles and ...
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