• Victorian Factory Life (No. 496) (Paperback)
    Trevor May
    "Victorian Factory Life".
  • Admiral: Kit Man (Paperback)
    Bert Patrick
    In the 1970s, Admiral, a small knitwear firm in Leicester...
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  • Tri-Ang Toys (684) (Paperback)
    Kenneth Brown
    Suitable for collectors and those who used to play with T...
  • Made In Britain (Paperback)
    Evan Davis
    A brilliant, thought-provoking look at British manufactur...
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  • The British Toy Industry (No. 624) (Paperback)
    Kenneth Brown
    Toys have been made in Britain for hundreds of years, but...
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  • Harold Carr, John Pomeroy
    â unique, no other book â essential textbook for clot...
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  • Product Development (Paperback)
    Anil Mital, Anoop Desai, ...
    Product development teams are composed of an integrated g...
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  • Beyond Design (Multiple copy pack)
    Sandra J. Keiser, Deborah ...
    This informative, full-color text takes students step-by-...
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  • SAP MII (Paperback)
    Suman Mukherjee, Saptaparn...
    Leverage the flexibility and power of SAP MII to integrat...
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  • Vladimir Kobelev
    This book offers an advanced treatise of the mechanics of...
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  • Safaa Hassan Sindi, Michae...
    This book analyses the development of strategic supply ch...
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  • Susmita Dasgupta
    Steel is the foundational material of modern civilization...
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  • China in Africa (Paperback)
    Suisheng Zhao
    China's expansion and growing influence in Africa is argu...
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  • A. J. Jacobs
    This book examines the dramatic increase in automotive as...
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  • Claudia Henninger, Panayio...
    This book provides a critical insight into sustainability...
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  • Robrecht Declercq
    To the surprise of many, regionally embedded clusters of ...
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  • David Higgins, Steven Toms
    This book examines the decline of the cotton textiles ind...
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  • Jack Ewing
    When news of Volkswagen's clean diesel fraud first broke ...
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