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  • Swallow This (Paperback)
    Joanna Blythman
    From the author of What to Eat and Shopped, a revelatory ...
  • The Brander (Mixed media product)
    Tony Bacon
    From £13.68
    Save £16.22
  • Built to Brew (Paperback)
    Lynn Pearson
    Illustrated history of the brewing industry, the process ...
    From £15.74
    Save £9.26
  • Brian Glover
    A nostalgic look at British beers and breweries which hav...
    From £8.44
    Save £7.55
  • Waste (Paperback)
    Tristram Stuart
    With shortages, volatile prices and nearly one billion pe...
    From £9.52
    Save £3.47
  • Food in Society (Paperback)
    Peter Atkins, Ian Bowler
    Addresses the different worldwide understandings of food ...
    From £26.68
    Save £6.31
  • Food Portion Sizes (Paperback)
    Food Standards Agency, Alis...
    From £11.27
  • Michael J. Lewis
    This book is an invaluable introduction to the physical p...
    From £44.96
    Save £12.03
  • The Franchise Fix (Paperback)
    Aicha Bascaro, Aziz Hashim
    From £11.35
    Save £2.60
  • Accounting and Food (Paperback)
    Massimo Sargiacomo, Lucian...
    The interrelations between accounting and food have been ...
    From £30.94
    Save £6.05
  • Bill Double
    "Charles E.
    From £13.88
    Save £5.11
  • Grocery (Paperback)
    Michael Ruhlman
    A James Beard Award-winner investigates the modern Americ...
    From £8.33
    Save £5.66
  • Ranga Chimhundu
    With a special focus on private label food brands and man...
    From £85.47
    Save £34.52
  • The Next Course (Paperback)
    Andre Lariviere
    From £12.87
    Save £1.08
  • Edyta Rudawska
    The book provides knowledge of sustainable marketing tool...
    From £47.29
    Save £17.71
  • Allison Gray, Ronald Hinch
    Gray and Hinch explore the phenomenon of food crime.
    From £53.37
    Save £31.63
  • Slaughterhouse (Paperback)
    Dominic A. Pacyga
    Pacyga guides readers through the history of Chicago's Un...
    From £10.27
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  • The Tipping Point (Paperback)
    Peter Caldon
    From £7.44
    Save £2.51