Textile design & theory

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  • Clare Browne, Glyn Davies...
    In medieval Europe, embroidered textiles were indispensab...
    From £28.93
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  • Zandra Rhodes (Paperback)
    Samantha Erin Safer
    Features stunning photography of never-before-seen textil...
    From £9.53
    Save £15.47
  • Sharon Gosling, John Logan
    Some of classic horror literature's most iconic character...
    From £13.06
    Save £6.93
  • Surface Design for Fabric (Multiple copy pack)
    Kimberly Irwin
    Surface Design for Fabric is a comprehensive, how-to guid...
    From £44.79
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  • Textile Visionaries (Hardback)
    Bradley Quinn
    This book showcases new work from over 35 of today's most...
    From £15.76
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  • Julia Triston, Rachel Lom...
    A book to help beginner textile artists develop their own...
    From £12.53
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  • Textile Design (Paperback)
    Simon Clarke
    Offers students a basic grounding in the three main pathw...
    From £14.48
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  • Harold Carr, John Pomeroy
    Sets out to explain fashion design and product developmen...
    From £25.93
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  • Phulkari (Hardback)
    Darielle Mason, Cristin Mc...
    Exquisite and labor-intensive, phulkari ("floral-work" or...
    From £30.94
  • Fashion Fibers (Paperback)
    Annie Gullingsrud, Lynda ...
    Fashion Fibers: Designing for Sustainability provides a h...
    From £73.86
  • Fashion Fibers (Multiple copy pack)
    Annie Gullingsrud
    Fashion Fibers: Designing for Sustainability is an access...
    From £47.00
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  • Yves Saint Laurent (Hardback)
    Olivier Saillard, Dominiqu...
    A behind-the-scenes look at the scandalous YSL collection...
    From £14.97
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  • Kiran Gobin
    Construction is the foundation of fashion design; it take...
    From £17.03
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  • Paris Refashioned (Hardback)
    Colleen Hill
    A captivating look at Parisian fashions of the 1960s and ...
    From £25.65
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  • Fanny Wonu Veys
    An historical account of the cultural biography of barkcl...
    From £60.95
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  • Anonymous Women (Hardback)
    Patty Carroll
    Anonymous Women is a series of photographs with models us...
    From £28.47
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  • Lorraine Karafel
    Around 1515, Raphael (1483-1520) designed a set of tapest...
    From £32.19
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  • Prisms (Paperback)
    E. A. Seguy
    From £10.23
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