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  • Mike Roussel, Sam Warwick
    The Union-Castle Line's heritage spans over a century.
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  • Dockers (Paperback)
    Dave Sinclair, Ken Loach,...
    A unique insight into the 1995-98 dockers' dispute and it...
    From £10.25
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  • MacBrayne Ships (Paperback)
    Alistair Deayton
    The Western Isles belonged to MacBrayne's.
    From £16.94
    Save £3.05
  • Blue Funnel Line (Paperback)
    Ian Collard
    A history of the famous Liverpool cargo line.
  • Liverpool Docks (Paperback)
    Michael Stammers
    The story of Liverpool is, in many ways, the story of its...
    From £7.13
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  • Mark Lee Inman
    A nostalgic look back at Swansea's docks in the 1960s.
    From £7.82
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  • Phil Smith
    Terrestrial Navigation: A Primer for Deck Officers and Of...
    From £19.00
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  • Philip M. Smith
    Terrestrial Navigation: A Primer for Deck Officers and Of...
    From £84.38
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  • Ilian Djadjev
    This book addresses the legal and contractual obligations...
    From £74.61
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  • Jonathan Cowie, Stephen Ison
    The Routledge Handbook of Transport Economics offers the ...
    From £96.98
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  • The Naval Miscellany (Volume VIII) (Hardback)
    Brian Vale
    Brian Vale is a naval historian with degrees from Keele a...
    From £81.91
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  • Svitzer Tugs (UK) (No. 1) (Paperback)
    Bernard McCall
    From £7.57
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  • Meifeng Luo, Tsz Leung Yip
    Ports are a vital part of the global economy, connecting ...
    From £29.71
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  • Anyaa Anim-Addo, William ...
    We live in a world that is ever on the move, as is increa...
    From £29.71
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  • Golden Stripes (Hardback)
    Captain V. S. Parani
    The first ever leadership book by a merchant-mariner for ...
    From £10.33
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  • Maritime Slavery (Paperback)
    Philip D. Morgan
    Think of maritime slavery, and the notorious Middle Passa...
    From £28.19
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  • Qiang Meng
    Liner Ship Fleet Planning: Models and Algorithms systemat...
    From £73.93
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  • Marc J. Hershman
    The essays in this book, first published in 1988, explore...
    From £77.39
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