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  • Gareth Owen
    This text covers aspects of financial and management acco...
  • Tim Knowles
    This comprehensive text serves as a basic reader for stud...
    From £45.67
    Save £2.32
  • The Secret Agent (Paperback)
    Anonymous Anonymous
    The Secret Footballer meets The Wolf of Wall Street.
    From £8.51
    Save £4.48
  • Leigh Robinson, Packianath...
    This guide provides students and scholars with a broad ra...
    From £31.75
    Save £6.24
  • Chris Wolsey, J. Abrams
    An introduction to the leisure and sport industry, this t...
    From £37.20
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  • Paul Downward, Alistair D...
    This book is unique in offering the first truly rigorous ...
    From £38.63
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  • David C. Watt
    This volume aims to provide a practical guide to event ma...
    From £44.75
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  • Arthur Ashe (Paperback)
    Eric Allen Hall
    "Drawing on coverage of Ashe's athletic career and social...
    From £18.59
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  • Todd James Pierce
    While the success of Disneyland is largely credited to Wa...
    From £16.64
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  • Tomas Pernecky
    The recent proliferation of events as a subject of study ...
    From £66.81
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  • The Secret Agent (Paperback)
    A completely revised and updated edition of critically ac...
    From £6.88
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  • American Huckster (Hardback)
    Mary Papenfuss, Teri Thom...
    The first inside account of the international soccer scan...
    From £13.87
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  • Shoe Dog (Hardback)
    Phil Knight
    The first-ever memoir of the legendary co-founder of Nike...
    From £13.18
    Save £6.82
  • Kenneth L. Shropshire, Tim...
    Kenneth L.
    From £14.17
    Save £5.33
  • From Steel to Slots (Hardback)
    Chloe E. Taft
    Bethlehem PA was synonymous with steel.
    From £22.36
    Save £7.59
  • Krister Swanson
    Chronicles the growth and development of the union moveme...
    From £17.01
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  • Arts Administration (Hardback)
    Malcolm Anderton
    The nature of arts administration and management has chan...
    From £69.29
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  • Baseball Maverick (Paperback / softback)
    Steve Kettmann
    The 2015 Mets shocked baseball.
    From £9.36
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