Financial services industry

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  • On the Brink (Hardback)
    Andrew Duguid
    Huge losses very nearly destroyed Lloyd's, a revered Brit...
  • Bean Counters (Hardback)
    Richard Brooks
    A compelling expose revealing how the world's accountants...
    From £13.02
    Save £5.97
  • Philip Augar
    Based on unparalleled access to those involved, and told ...
    From £15.74
    Save £9.26
  • Laura Mattia
    This book contains advice and direction for women who are...
    From £17.83
    Save £7.16
  • Credit Correlation (Hardback)
    Youssef Elouerkhaoui
    The book picks up where pre-crisis credit books left off,...
    From £40.69
    Save £7.30
  • Regulating Financial Markets (Paperback / softback)
    George J. Benston
    This study explains why financial services have for centu...
  • S.H. Cox, Hans U. Gerber
    From the reviews: "The highly esteemed 1990 first edition...
    From £38.38
    Save £6.61
  • Aijaz A. Shaikh, Heikki K...
    Mobile financial services (MFS) are of major interest and...
    From £88.17
    Save £26.83
  • Greg Friedman, Shaun Kapu...
    With M&As in the RIA space increasing, many firms are rap...
    From £17.83
    Save £7.16
  • Disrupting Finance (Hardback)
    Theo Lynn, John G Mooney,...
    This open access Pivot demonstrates how a variety of tech...
    From £22.83
  • Fintech in a Flash (Paperback / softback)
    Agustin Rubini
    The financial services technology industry is booming and...
    From £20.15
    Save £7.35
  • Ariane Chapelle
    "Ariane Chapelle is one of the world's leading teachers, ...
    From £31.16
    Save £8.84
  • Fintech (Paperback / softback)
    Pranay Gupta
    The last two years have seen an explosion in the capture ...
    From £31.52
    Save £7.48
  • Henry Engler
    Since 2008, financial firms have paid, in aggregate, in e...
    From £17.83
    Save £7.16
  • Market Rules (Hardback)
    Mark H. Rose
    Market Rules explains in accessible language how federal ...
    From £23.82
    Save £9.18
  • Stacey English, Susannah ...
    The 2008 financial crisis sparked major changes in global...
    From £40.25
    Save £14.75
  • Daniel Fasnacht
    This book discusses open business models in the financial...
    From £38.46
    Save £16.53
  • Michael J. Nathanson, Jeff...
    Effective financial planning for executives and entrepren...
    From £15.07
    Save £9.92