• Simply Thrilled (Hardback)
    Simon Goddard
    When Alan Horne and Edwyn Collins decided to start their ...
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  • Mo'Wax (Hardback)
    James Lavelle
    The definitive and comprehensive celebration of 21 years ...
    From £27.60
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  • Over Under Sideways Down (Paperback / softback)
    Mark Rye
    From £12.04
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  • Tim Wall
    A fully revised and updated edition of this widely adopte...
    From £19.15
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  • Mixerman
    Describes in detail the many important roles of an effect...
    From £10.69
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  • Mr Michael Kassler
    The music trade in Georgian England was based upon London...
    From £78.11
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  • Paul Rutter
    Drawing on a range of music industry research sources, pe...
    From £22.83
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  • Abbey Road (Paperback)
    Brian Southall, Peter Vin...
    Introduces readers to Abbey Road's fascinating history - ...
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  • Keith Negus
    Music Genres and Corporate Cultures explores the relation...
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  • Richard Carlin
    The incredible story of the cofounder of Birdland, a forc...
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  • Moses Avalon
    The 5th edition of this expose into the inner workings of...
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  • Jeffrey Pepper Rogers
    The ultimate guide for the modern performer to help take ...
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  • Janis L. McKay
    An in-depth and personal account ofthe lives of Las Vegas...
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  • How Music Got Free (Paperback)
    Stephen Witt
    What links Taylor Swift to a factory worker?
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  • Powder (Paperback)
    Kevin Sampson
    Keva McCluskey craves success.
    From £10.47
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  • Copyright Africa (Hardback)
    Ute Roschenthaler, Mamadou...
    From £97.93
  • Allan Dumbreck, Gayle McP...
    Music Entrepreneurship features case-study analyses of th...
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  • Joe Longthorne (Paperback)
    Joe Longthorne
    This is the true story of one of Britain's most iconic en...
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