• Industrial Relations (Paperback)
    M.W. Salamon
    This text provides a framework of concepts and knowledge ...
  • Employee Relations (Paperback)
    Philip Lewis, Adrian Thor...
    Covering the theme of employment relationship between the...
  • The Enemy within (Paperback)
    Seumas Milne
    Updated thirtieth anniversary edition of the definitive a...
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    Save £1.85
  • Kathy Daniels
    Looking at Employee Relations from an organisational cont...
    From £37.31
    Save £9.68
  • My Histories (Hardback)
    Kenneth O. Morgan
    The eventful life, scholarly work and political and perso...
    From £17.73
    Save £7.26
  • The Precariat (Paperback)
    Guy Standing
    This book introduces the Precariat - the growing number o...
    From £11.43
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  • Carola M. Frege, John Kelly
    "Employment Relations" is widely taught in business schoo...
    From £38.40
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  • Joseph Wallace, Patrick G...
    A concise overview of contemporary Irish Industrial Relat...
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  • Kevin Morgan
    Part of a three-volume series, this work examines attitud...
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  • Contested Sites (Hardback)
    Mr. Paul A. Pickering, Al...
    The main authors of this study were initially interested ...
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  • Daniel Bowling, David Hof...
    This is the first book to address exclusively the most im...
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  • Derek Rollinson

    This text focuses on employee relations and draws on o...

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  • Peter Shapiro
    The Watsonville Canning strike was a dramatic show of the...
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  • Oil and Nation (Hardback)
    Stephen C. Cote
    Oil and Nation places petroleum at the center of Bolivia'...
  • Public Workers (Paperback)
    Joseph E. Slater
    From £24.51
  • Never Done (Hardback)
    Erin Hill
    Based on the author's dissertation (doctoral)--University...
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  • Greta de Jong
    Two revolutions roiled the rural South after the mid-1960...
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  • The Precariat (Paperback)
    Guy Standing
    First published in 2011 The Precariat is the hugely influ...
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