• Beverley Trounce
    Her research and contributions from ex-miner and activist...
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  • Pride (Paperback)
    Tim Tate
    In 1984, a small group of metropolitan homosexual men and...
    From £5.39
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  • Dockers (Paperback)
    Dave Sinclair, Ken Loach,...
    A unique insight into the 1995-98 dockers' dispute and it...
  • The Winter of Discontent (4) (Hardback)
    Tara Martin-Lopez, Sheila ...
    A reassessment of the myth of the British `Winter of Disc...
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  • Martyn Ives
    While other historians have skated over the labour unrest...
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  • Mark A. Lause
    When cowboys were workers and battled their bosses
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  • A Serf's Journal (Paperback)
    Terry Tapp
    Recalling the JeffBoat incident of 2001, A Serf's Journal...
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  • Striking Back (Paperback)
    Mary Manning, Sinead O�...
    In 1984, in Dunnes Stores on Dublin's Henry Street, Mary ...
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  • Rachel Clarke
    How does it feel to be spat out of medical school into a ...
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  • Justice Denied (Paperback)
    David Allsop, Carol Steph...
    TV portraits of the Miners' strike of 1984/5 stressed the...
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  • Mark Lyon
    An account of the assault on the Union at Grangemouth in ...
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  • Sandra L. Albrecht
    The Assault on Labor details the 1986 strike against Tran...
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  • Grunwick (Paperback)
    Grunwick was the strike that changed the rules of the gam...
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  • Ahmed White
    In May 1937, seventy thousand workers walked off their jo...
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  • The Last Great Strike (Paperback)
    Ahmed White
    In May 1937, seventy thousand workers walked off their jo...
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  • Unraveled (Paperback)
    Travis Sutton Byrd
    Drawing on never-before-utilized sources, including minut...
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  • Crisis? What Crisis? (Paperback)
    John Shepherd
    The first full length account of the 1979 'winter of disc...
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  • David de Vries
    Strike-action has long been a notable phenomenon in Israe...
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