Criminal procedure: law of evidence

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  • Jiahong He
    He's first representative work, based on over three decad...
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  • Learning Evidence (Hardback)
    Deborah Merritt, Ric Simmons
    Offers colourful courtroom examples, excerpts from trial ...
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  • Roger Park, David Leonard...
    In clear and engaging prose that makes concepts accessibl...
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  • Tom Wainwright
    Disclosure remains the most important part of trial prepa...
    From £53.98
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  • Ashraf Mozayani, Casie Pa...
    "Evidence management has become a crucial component for t...
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  • Henry Otgaar, Mark L. Howe
    Finding the Truth in the Courtroom combines the science b...
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  • Evidence Revision Pack (Multiple copy pack)
    Maureen Spencer, John Spe...
    Evidence Concentrate and Concentrate Q&A Evidence are the...
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  • Penny Cooper, Heather Norton
    The first book to provide a practical guide to understand...
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  • David Burrows
    Children's Views and Evidence concentrates on children in...
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  • Evidence Concentrate (Paperback)
    Maureen Spencer, John Spe...
    Evidence Concentrate is written and designed to help you ...
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  • Christina McAlhone, Simon ...
    Well-selected and authoritative, Palgrave Core Statutes p...
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  • Evidence (Hardback)
    Norman Abrams, Scott Brew...
    This book's philosophical underpinning is that the best w...
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  • Routledge
    Routledge Lawcards are your complete, pocket-sized guides...
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  • Murphy on Evidence (Paperback)
    Richard Glover
    Murphy on Evidence frames the law in its practical context.
    From £33.03
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  • The Law of Evidence (Paperback)
    Professor Ian Dennis
    Dennis the Law of Evidence provides thorough analysis of ...
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  • Evidence (Paperback)
    Roderick Munday
    Munday's Evidence provides students with a succinct yet c...
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  • Maureen Spencer, John Spe...
    This essential Q&A study and revision guide contains a va...
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  • Q&A Evidence (Paperback)
    Charanjit Singh
    Routledge Q&As give you the tools to practice and refine ...
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