• Modern Land Law (Paperback)
    Mark P. Thompson
    Introduces students to the basic principles of modern lan...
  • Scottish Property Law (Paperback)
    Tom G. Guthrie, Ian Fletc...
    Provides an introduction to the various aspects of the la...
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  • A New Land Law (Paperback)
    Peter Sparkes
    New edition which incorporates the changes made in the La...
    From £33.22
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  • Andrew Steven, George Lidd...
    This title provides full coverage of the property, trusts...
    From £36.76
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  • Malcolm Dowden
    Brings together the different elements of climate change ...
    From £35.78
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  • Land Law (Paperback)
    L.B. Curzon
    A completely revised and updated introduction to the prin...
  • About Law (Paperback)
    Tony Honore
    This work provides a useful introduction for anyone wonde...
    From £21.91
    Save £3.08
  • When Things Become Property (3) (Paperback / softback)
    Thomas Sikor
    Governments have conferred ownership titles to many citiz...
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  • Matthew Cain Ormondroyd
    The Rating and Council Tax Pocket Book is a concise, prac...
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  • Thomas Gallanis
    Cases and statutory law are updated and the material reor...
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  • Robert W. Maas
    This leading title explains the law clearly with an empha...
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  • Commercial Property (Paperback)
    Anne Rodell
    From £30.69
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  • Tony Johnson, Chris Hart
    Written from a practical standpoint, this new edition of ...
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  • Michele Graziadei, Lionel ...
    Comparative Property Law provides a comprehensive treatme...
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  • Kit Barker, Karen Fairwea...
    This book brings together a wide range of contributors fr...
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  • The Grasping Hand (Paperback)
    Ilya Somin
    In 2005, the Supreme Court ruled that the city of New Lon...
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  • Nadya Hajj
    The right to own property is something we generally take ...
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  • Peter Luxton, Rosalind Ma...
    This essential Q&A study and revision guide contains a va...
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