• Oliver Sacks
    The River of Consciousness is a remarkable culmination of...
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  • Metric Culture (Hardback)
    Btihaj Ajana
    Data and metrics play an unmistakably powerful role in to...
    From £43.77
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  • The Health Gap (Hardback)
    Michael Marmot
    There are dramatic differences in health between countrie...
  • Health Humanities (Paperback / softback)
    Paul Crawford, Brian Brow...
    This is the first manifesto for Health Humanities worldwide.
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  • Sioban Nelson, Maria Tass...
    This book shows how medical schools and teaching hospital...
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  • Tom Shakespeare
    Updated edition of the author's Disability rights and wro...
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  • Victoria Bates, Alan Blea...
    In recent decades, both medical humanities and medical hi...
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  • The Caring Self (Paperback / softback)
    Clare L. Stacey
    Stacey draws on observations of and interviews with aides...
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  • The Matter of Death (Paperback / softback)
    J. Hockey, Carol Komaromy
    This collection opens up spaces where lives end, bodies a...
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  • Understanding the Sociology of Health (Paperback / softback)
    Anne-Marie Barry, Chris Y...
    Up-to-date with key policy and research, and including ca...
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  • Anti/Vax (Hardback)
    Bernice L. Hausman
    Antivaxxers are crazy.
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  • Richard (Buz) Cooper
    The first book to address the fundamental nexus that bind...
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  • Teaching AIDS (Hardback)
    Dilip K. Das
    This book approaches the subject of AIDS pedagogy by anal...
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  • Loneliness (Hardback)
    Keming Yang
    In recent years its medical implications have brought lon...
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  • Mathilde Bourrier, Nathali...
    Recent epidemics have prompted large-scale international ...
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  • Andrew Russell
    Tobacco has become one of the most widely used and traded...
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  • Ronan Foley, Robin Kearns...
    Health geography makes critical contributions to contempo...
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  • Ashley P. Duggan
    Written for academic researchers, students, and health pr...
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