Hereditary diseases & disorders

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  • Cancer Cytogenetics (Hardback)
    Sverre Heim, Felix Mitelman
    The first three editions of this acclaimed book presented...
    From £101.06
    Save £34.94
  • Valli K. Ekvall, Shirley W...
    "Packed with information that is useful on a daily basis.
    From £72.63
    Save £8.37
  • Virginia P. Sybert
    This fully revised and updated edition of GENETIC SKIN DI...
    From £112.44
    Save £15.06
  • Amy G. Filbrun, Amy Golds...
    This concise manual provides clinicians and other related...
    From £24.94
    Save £5.05
  • P53 (Paperback)
    Sue Armstrong
    Originally published: London: Bloomsbury Sigma, 2014.
    From £7.14
    Save £2.85
  • Sandra Jenkins
    From £107.96
    Save £44.54
  • Laurie E. Bernstein, Franc...
    Nutrition Management of Inherited Metabolic Diseases
    From £62.82
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  • Red Book (Paperback)
    American Academy of Pediatr...
    Each successive edition of this incomparable one-stop gui...
    From £90.34
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  • JIMD Reports (Volume 17) (Paperback)
    Johannes Zschocke, K. Mich...
    JIMD Reports - Case and Research Reports, Volume 17
    From £64.45
    Save £25.55
  • P53 (Hardback)
    Sue Armstrong
    The story of the search for p53--the most important gene ...
    From £17.96
  • Trygve Tollefsbol
    Transgenerational Epigenetics provides a comprehensive an...
  • Edward S. Tobias, J. Micha...
    Clear, understandable and concise with an accompanying in...
    From £28.97
    Save £7.02
  • Hans D. Ochs, C. I. Edvard...
    This third edition of Primary Immunodeficiency Diseases p...
    From £153.65
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  • The Story Within (Paperback)
    Amy Boesky
    Shares experiences of living with genetic disorders.
    From £18.24
    Save £2.26
  • Bernd Gausemeier, Staffan ...
    The essays in this collection examine how human heredity ...
    From £84.40
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  • Helga V. Toriello, Shelley...
    This is the third edition of the foremost medical referen...
    From £117.14
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  • Lee-Jun C. Wong
    This book surveys mutations in the inherited maternal mit...
    From £141.55
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  • Trygve Tollefsbol
    Suitable for both basic scientists and clinicians alike, ...
    From £68.75
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