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  • Alien - The Archive (Hardback)
    Titan Books
    Alien is a science fiction milestone and one of the most ...
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  • Horror! (Paperback)
    Kim Newman, James Marriott
    Packed with photographs of the most terrifying scenes in ...
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  • Tarzan on Film (Hardback)
    Scott Tracy Griffin
    Scott Tracy Griffin traces the development of the history...
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  • Whoniverse (Hardback)
    Lance Parkin
    The most comprehensive study of the Doctor Who universe e...
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  • Jurgen Muller
    This selection gathers the greats of 20th century cinema ...
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  • Robocop (Hardback)
    Calum Waddell
    RoboCop is one of the most iconic characters and movie fr...
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  • Planet of the Apes (Hardback)
    Joe Fordham, Jeff Bond
    Offering an account of the series, this title features pr...
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  • Daniel Wallace, Ryder Win...
    An illustrated guide for all bounty hunters, containing t...
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  • Jody Duncan, Lisa Fitzpat...
    To create his epic Avatar, James Cameron and his crew had...
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  • Radio Times Team
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  • Aliens (Hardback)
    Simon Ward
    Aliens: The Set Photography reveals a unique new perspect...
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  • Gone with the Wind (Paperback)
    Helen Taylor
    Gone with the Wind (1939) is one of the greatest films of...
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  • Film Review (Hardback)
    Michael Darvell, Mansell ...
    The final volume of Film Review, the longest-established ...
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  • Ian Haydn Smith
    Movie Star Chronicles is an in-depth, original and fascin...
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  • Chappie (Hardback)
    Peter Aperlo
    Features production art and photography from the film Cha...
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  • Alien (Paperback)
    Roger Luckhurst
    Alien, that legendary fusion of science fiction and horro...
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  • Brazil (Paperback)
    Paul McAuley
    Widely believed to be Terry Gilliam's best film, Brazil's...
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