Obesity: treatment & therapy

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  • The Obesity Code (Paperback)
    Dr. Jason Fung
    We are in the midst of an obesity epidemic, but despite b...
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  • Timothy Gill
    Obesity is an increasing problem on a global scale, and s...
    From £238.83
  • Debasis Bagchi
    Understanding the complex factors contributing to the gro...
    From £142.76
  • Christopher Mayes
    A growing sense of urgency over obesity at the national a...
    From £29.71
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  • Models of Obesity (78) (Hardback)
    Stanley J. Ulijaszek
    Taking a comparative approach, this book investigates the...
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  • Wolfgang Stroebe
    Overweight and obesity rates have increased dramatically ...
    From £84.38
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  • Christopher F. Bolling, Mi...
    AM:STARs is the official publication of the AAP Section o...
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  • Al Aly, Fabio Nahas
    This book encompasses body contouring procedures for pati...
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  • Fat-Talk Nation (Paperback)
    Susan Greenhalgh
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  • Prof. Kristel de Vogelaere
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  • Sugar (Hardback)
    James Walvin
    How did a simple commodity, once the prized monopoly of k...
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  • Fat Planet (Paperback)
    Eileen P. Anderson-Fye, Al...
    Fat Planet represents a collaborative effort to consider ...
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  • I Can Beat Obesity! (Paperback)
    Nicola Davies, Jane DeVil...
    Overcome obesity for good and avoid relapse by building e...
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  • Skinny Liver (Hardback)
    Dr. Ibrahim Hanouneh, Kri...
    From a registered dietician and at the Cleveland Clinic a...
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  • Karen R. Koenig, Paige O&...
    This book offers a new paradigm for doctors and health ca...
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  • The Obesity Epidemic (Paperback)
    Robyn Toomath
    Raising important questions about obesity, Toomath sidest...
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  • Sanjeev Sockalingam, Raed ...
    This book is designed to present a comprehensive, state-o...
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  • Octavia Pickett-Blakely, L...
    In the last three decades, the prevalence of obesity has ...
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