• Carlo Rovelli
    'A hugely engaging book...
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  • The Lazy Universe (Hardback)
    Jennifer Coopersmith
    The Principle of Least Action underlies all physics and l...
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  • Henry A. McGhie
    This book explores the life of Henry Dresser (1838-1915),...
    From £15.07
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  • John Stillwell
    Elements of Mathematics takes readers on a fascinating to...
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  • Michael Brooks
    This is a landmark in science writing.
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  • John Gribbin, Mary Gribbin
    What if Isaac Newton had never lived? ...
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  • William T. Cavanaugh, Jame...
    What does it mean for the Christian doctrine of the Fall...
    From £14.64
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  • The Hunt for Vulcan (Hardback)
    Thomas Levenson
    An elegant and entertaining account explaining the strang...
  • Noson S. Yanofsky
    Many books explain what is known about the universe.
  • Johannes Feichtinger, Fran...
    Providing a genealogy of scientific governance that is so...
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  • Reverse Mathematics (Hardback)
    John Stillwell
    This book presents reverse mathematics to a general mathe...
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  • Michael Ostling
    This book examines the fairies, demons, and nature spirit...
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  • Indescribable (Hardback)
    Louie Giglio
    Indescribable: 100 Devotions for Kids About God and Scien...
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  • Steven Shapin, Simon Scha...
    Leviathan and the Air-Pump examines the conflicts over th...
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  • James S. Trefil
    Written for science geeks and everyone curious about the ...
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  • Tamed (Hardback)
    Dr. Alice Roberts
    **'A masterpiece of evocative scientific storytelling.' B...
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  • Unveiling Galaxies (Hardback)
    Jean-Rene Roy
    A thought provoking study of the powerful impact of image...
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  • Adam Rutherford
    A dazzling tour of the latest genetic discoveries which a...
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