Cosmology & the universe

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  • Stuart Clark
    A groundbreaking and state-of-the-art guide to the Univer...
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  • Stephen Hawking
    In 2016 Professor Stephen Hawking delivered the BBC Reith...
    From £3.52
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  • Stuart Lowe, Chris North
    In this truly mind-blowing book, we use cutting edge info...
    From £24.25
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  • Frederick Hans Willeboords...
    From £63.79
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  • Higher Speculations (Paperback)
    Helge Kragh
    A historical account of highly ambitious attempts to unde...
    From £19.52
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  • Helge Kragh
    This book tells the fascinating history of cosmology usin...
    From £20.51
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  • The Sleepwalkers (Paperback)
    Arthur Koestler
    Dissects the sterile distinction between 'sciences' and '...
    From £10.06
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  • The Cosmic Cocktail (Hardback)
    Katherine Freese
    The ordinary atoms that make up the known universe - from...
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  • Wonders of Life (Hardback)
    Brian Cox, Andrew Cohen
    What is Life?
    From £16.64
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  • Hubert Reeves
    "Grandpa, how big is the universe? How far are the stars...
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  • Ken Freeman, Geoff McNamara
    The dark matter problem is a profoundly difficult to solv...
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  • Natural Symbols (Paperback)
    Professor Mary Douglas
    Written against the backdrop of the student uprisings of ...
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  • Andrew Liddle
    Cosmology is a branch of physics concerned with the evolu...
  • The Cosmic Hologram (Paperback)
    Jude Currivan, Ervin Laszlo
    How holographic patterns of information underlie our phys...
    From £11.15
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  • Michael P. Ryan, Lawrence ...
    Addressing a variety of theoretical cosmological problems...
    From £137.42
  • Physical Cosmology (Hardback)
    P.James E. Peebles
    Man's view of the universe is widening today, as it did o...
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  • Timothy Clifton
    Gravity is the most immediately familiar of the four fund...
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  • Zeeya Merali
    An award-winning science writer takes us into the lab to ...
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