Solar system: the Sun & planets

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  • Ralph Lorenz
    Cassini orbiter, Huygens probe and future exploration con...
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  • The Surface of Mars (6) (Paperback)
    Michael H. Carr
    An up-to-date and highly illustrated principal reference ...
    From £33.23
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  • Discovering Pluto (Hardback)
    Dale P. Cruikshank, Willia...
    Provides an authoritative account of the exploration of P...
    From £34.06
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  • Gary W. Kronk, Maik Meyer...
    The definitive reference on comets observed between 1983 ...
    From £155.78
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  • Asteroid Hunters (Hardback)
    Carrie Nugent
    Dr Carrie Nugent is obsessed with hunting asteroids.
    From £5.86
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  • Our Sun (Hardback)
    Christopher Cooper
    Our Sun reveals the science behind the sun, traces its im...
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  • Millimeter Astronomy (38) (Hardback)
    T. L. Wilson, Stephane Gu...
    The millimeter and sub-millimeter wavebands are unique in...
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  • Drazen Svehla
    This book on space geodesy presents pioneering geometrica...
    From £79.67
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  • Chondrules (22) (Hardback)
    Sara S. Russell, Harold C....
    An overview of state-of-the-art research into properties ...
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  • Mack van Gageldonk
    Travel along to the farthest corners of space!
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  • American Eclipse (Paperback)
    David Baron
    This "suspenseful narrative history" (Maureen Corrigan, N...
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  • Solar Magnetic Fields (57) (Hardback)
    Andre Balogh, Edward Cliv...
    This volume provides an in-depth review of all aspects of...
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  • Michael Carroll, Rosaly L...
    In 2016, scientist Rosaly Lopes and artist Michael Carrol...
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  • Supachai Awiphan
    This book presents three major studies covering exomoon a...
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  • Outer Solar System (Hardback)
    Viorel Badescu, Kris Zacny
    The Earth has limited resources while the resources in sp...
    From £220.35
  • Steven J. Dick
    Examines humanistic aspects of astrobiology, exploring ap...
  • Kieran D. O'Hara
    Places the history of geology into the larger context of ...
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  • Emily Lakdawalla
    This essential reference to the Curiosity mission explain...
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