• Why Does E=mc2? (Paperback)
    Brian Cox, Jeff Forshaw
    An explanation of Einstein's equation that explores the p...
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  • The Strangest Man (Paperback)
    Graham Farmelo
    'A monumental achievement - one of the great scientific b...
    From £9.75
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  • Simmone Hewett, Sue Holt,...
    Advanced Physics for You has been carefully designed to b...
  • Carlo Rovelli
    'A hugely engaging book...
    From £6.79
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  • Advanced Physics (Paperback)
    Steve Adams, Jonathan Allday
    Written by experienced authors and members of the Editori...
  • Richard P. Feynman
    Winner of the Nobel Prize for Physics in 1965, Richard Fe...
    From £8.06
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  • Statistical Physics (Paperback)
    Franz Mandl
    The Manchester Physics Series General Editors: D.J.
    From £30.52
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  • The Lazy Universe (Hardback)
    Jennifer Coopersmith
    The Principle of Least Action underlies all physics and l...
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  • Carlo Rovelli
    Explains Einstein's theory of general relativity, quantum...
  • Sean Carroll
    The definitive, behind-the-scenes account of the landmark...
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  • Paradox (Paperback)
    Jim Al-Khalili
    This book is about my own personal favourite puzzles and ...
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  • John Ball, Adrian D. Moor...
    Established core textbook for student radiographers ...
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  • Robert Hutchings, Roger H...
    A student resource that supports readers through the tran...
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  • A Level Physics (Paperback)
    Roger Muncaster
    The fourth edition helps bridge the gap between GCSE and ...
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  • Jan Faye, Henry J. Folse
    The sixteen contributions in this collection by some of t...
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  • 30-Second Physics (Paperback)
    Brian Clegg
    30-Second Physics tackles the big ideas, from electromagn...
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  • Gavin Bascom
    Keeping in mind that we can only see the universe from th...
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  • The Quantum World (Hardback)
    Herve Zwirn
    In this largely nontechnical book, eminent physicists and...
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