• Richard Dawkins
    Charles Darwin's masterpiece, "On the Origin of Species",...
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  • Rob Dinnis, Chris Stringer
    When did the first humans arrive in Britain?
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  • Evolution (Paperback)
    Mark Ridley
    * Dedicated website -- provides an interactive experience...
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  • Robert Newman
    Rob Newman is currently performing his latest stand-up sh...
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  • Andreas Wagner
    Discover the final puzzle piece to complete Darwin's theo...
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  • The Human Career (Hardback)
    Richard G. Klein
    Chronicles the evolution of people from the earliest prim...
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  • Louise Barrett, Robin Dun...
    This title is an overview of human behaviour and psycholo...
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  • Juan J. Morrone
    Neotropical Biogeography: Regionalization and Evolution p...
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  • Population Wars (Paperback)
    Greg Graffin
    In Population Wars, Greg Graffin points to where the main...
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  • Genetic Geographies (Paperback)
    Catherine Nash
    What might be wrong with genetic accounts of personal or ...
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  • Gordon C. Grigg, David Ki...
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  • Peter Ward, Joe Kirschvink
    An estimated 4.6 billion years ago, the Earth and Moon we...
  • Andrew H. Knoll
    Knoll explores the deep history of life from its origins ...
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  • The Sixth Extinction (Paperback)
    Over the last half a billion years, there have been five ...
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  • The Artful Species (Paperback)
    Stephen Davies
    Stephen Davies presents a fascinating exploration of the ...
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  • Lee Billings
    Since its formation nearly five billion years ago, our pl...
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  • Dr. Alice Roberts
    The presenter of the BBC's The Incredible Human Journey t...
  • Human Evolution (Paperback)
    Robin Dunbar
    What makes us human?
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