• John Marciari
    Hans Memling was one of the most important, prolific and ...
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  • Bruegel (Paperback)
    Amy Orrock
    In February 2017 the Holburne Museum will present the fir...
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  • Bosch (Paperback)
    Pilar Silva Maroto
    The Museo del Prado houses the largest known collection o...
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  • The Dance of Death (Paperback)
    Hans Holbein, Ulinka Rublack
    'The underlying message of the series is, of course, that...
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  • Durer (Hardback)
    Norbert Wolf
    The prints of darkness The art, theory, and woodcut print...
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  • Bosch (Hardback)
    Walter Bosing
    If Hieronymus Bosch (1450-1516) remains an enigma today, ...
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  • The Bill (Paperback)
    Laszlo Krasznahorkai, Geor...
    Deals with Palma Vecchio, a sixteenth-century Venetian pa...
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  • Shira Brisman
    Art historians have long looked to letters to secure biog...
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  • Old Cuba (Hardback)
    Alicia E. Garcia, Julio A....
    Old Cuba presents an insider s view of the splendid colon...
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  • The Art of Law (Paperback)
    Vanessa Pauman
    The Art of Law features the top 100 pieces from three cen...
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  • Word of Mouth (Hardback)
    Gianni Guastella
    Word of Mouth offers an interdisciplinary exploration of ...
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  • Yvonne Bleyerveld
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  • Ingrid Alexander-Skipnes
    During the early modern period there was a natural corres...
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  • Richard Taws, Genevieve W...
    These essaysexplore the relationship between artistic and...
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  • Spectacular Wealth (Hardback)
    Lisa Voigt
    Drawing on archival research, this illuminating study sho...
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  • Spectacular Wealth (Paperback)
    Lisa Voigt
    Bridging print culture and performance, Spectacular Wealt...
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  • Teresa Canepa
    Focusing on the prolific trade, transport and consumption...
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  • Michael Robinson
    French artist Edgar Degas was famous for his drawing, pai...
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