Developmental biology

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  • Evolution's Bite (Hardback)
    Peter S. Ungar
    What teeth can teach us about the evolution of the human ...
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  • Born Anxious (Hardback)
    Daniel P. Keating
    Born Anxious introduces a new word into our lexicon: "met...
    From £12.28
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  • The Serengeti Rules (Paperback)
    Sean B. Carroll
    How does life work?
    From £9.60
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  • Robert Bryson-Richardson, ...
    Zebrafish are widely considered an excellent model system...
    From £103.05
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  • Transgenic Ascidians (1029) (Hardback)
    Yasunori Sasakura
    Ascidians have been one of the most important model ani...
    From £96.67
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  • Intestinal Stem Cell Niche (Volume 2) (Paperback)
    Dominique Bonnet
    Advances in Stem Cells and their Niches addresses stem ce...
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  • Cilia (Hardback)
    Paraskevi Goggolidou
    This book highlights the diverse roles of cilia in human ...
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  • Lorenzo Galluzzi
    International Review of Cell and Molecular Biology, Volum...
    From £134.44
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  • Hemant J. Purohit, Vipin C...
    The soft computing approach recognizes the different patt...
    From £98.07
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  • Alessandro Minelli
    Integrates molecular genetics with comparative morphology...
    From £52.01
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  • Strange Survivors (Paperback)
    One R. Pagan
    Biologist explores the strange, surprising, and truly biz...
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  • Zic family (1046) (Hardback)
    Jun Aruga
    Part1 summarizes the ZIC family in animal evolution and d...
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  • Cell Fate in Mammalian Development (Volume 128) (Hardback)
    Berenika Plusa, Anna-Kater...
    Cell Fate in Mammalian Development, Volume 128, the lates...
    From £106.05
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  • Kensal Van Holde, Jordanka...
    The Evolution of Molecular Biology: The Search for the Se...
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  • Choosing Sexes (Hardback)
    Kristen J. Navara
    Despite dramatic differences in the mechanisms by which d...
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  • Armin Bunde, Jurgen Caro,...
    This book deals with randomly moving objects and their sp...
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  • Manuel Yufera
    This volume provides recent findings on the importance of...
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  • Richard G. Delisle
    It is the main goal of this volume to put in context the ...
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