Marine biology

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  • Other Minds (Hardback)
    Peter Godfrey-Smith
    'Brilliant' Guardian 'Fascinating and often del...
    From £11.48
    Save £8.52
  • The Spirals in Time (Hardback)
    Helen Scales
    Shortlisted for the Royal Society of Biology s 2016 Gener...
    From £19.89
  • Ocean (Hardback)
    Dan Kainen, Carol Kaufmann
    The magical follow-up to Safari, Ocean uses the same lent...
    From £11.91
    Save £8.08
  • Marine Ecology (Paperback)
    Martin R. Speight, P.A. H...
    This book began life as a series of lectures given to sec...
    From £37.99
    Save £9.51
  • Carol M. Lalli, Timothy R....
    Provides information on the fundamentals of biological oc...
    From £37.61
    Save £9.38
  • P. J. Hayward, J. S. Ryland
    Helps you identify all but the rarest of the marine anima...
  • Deep-Sea Fishes (Hardback)
    Imants G. Priede
    A comprehensive account of deep-sea fishes, covering evol...
  • Phillip S. Levin, Melissa ...
    Conservation for the Anthropocene Ocean: Interdisciplinar...
    From £39.77
    Save £12.18
  • Shark (Hardback)
    Brian Skerry
    Get closer to the beauty and power of sharks with award-w...
    From £17.80
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  • Natalie Bown, Tim S. Gray...
    In this book, the authors examine the governance of marin...
    From £29.71
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  • Bela H. Buck, Richard Langan
    This book is open access under a CC BY 4.0 license. This...
    From £29.72
    Save £8.27
  • Tamara Garcia Barrera, Jos...
    Marine environment can be affected by several pollutants ...
    From £93.96
    Save £27.04
  • Susan Ewing
    From £17.16
    Save £4.83
  • Aquatic Pollution (Hardback)
    Edward A. Laws
    Since the publication of the third edition of Aquatic Pol...
    From £54.03
    Save £15.97
  • Paul D. Goriup
    With the health of the world s oceans threatened as nev...
    From £68.63
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  • The Eternal Darkness (Paperback)
    Robert D. Ballard, Will H...
    Until a few decades ago, the ocean depths were almost as ...
    From £15.78
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  • Other Minds (Paperback)
    Peter Godfrey-Smith
    What if intelligent life on Earth evolved not once, but t...
    From £9.77
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  • Colin Speedie
    There are few marine creatures as spectacular as the Bask...
    From £17.17
    Save £4.83