• Luis Fabini, Wade Davis
    From £29.72
    Save £0.27
  • Ian Forsyth, Amanda Owen
    A stunning collections of photographs documenting the tra...
    From £9.75
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  • Black Cowboys (Hardback)
    Andrea Robbins
    The cowboy, one of America's most enduring cultural icons...
    From £17.95
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  • Hercules the Bear (Hardback)
    Maggie Robin
    When Scottish Ladies Show-Jumping Champion Maggie Nimmo m...
    From £8.39
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  • Adair Landborn
    Dance researcher and movement analyst Adair Landborn intr...
    From £35.82
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  • Lois Rose
  • Peter Milligan
    Part memoir and part travel guide, Bulls Before Breakfast...
  • Jennifer Parker-Starbuck, ...
    This book is a historical and theoretical exploration of ...
    From £40.21
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  • Irakli Makharadze
    In 1893 the Horsemen from Georgia, Caucasus, went to the ...
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  • Jumbo (Paperback)
    John Sutherland
    Using the heartwrenching story of Jumbo's celebrity life,...
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  • Helen Cowie
    Exotic animals were coveted commodities in nineteenth-cen...
    From £45.84
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  • Animal Acts (Hardback)
    Una Chaudhuri, Holly Hughes
    Everyone has an animal story-the pet they loved or hated,...
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  • Animal Acts (Paperback)
    Una Chaudhuri, Holly Hughes
    Encounters between the species in an anthology of lively ...
    From £29.77
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  • Lil Bub's Lil Book (Hardback)
    Lil Bub
    Showcases 100 captioned color photos of the author travel...
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  • Theatre and Animals (Paperback)
    Lourdes Orozco
    Lourdes Orozco considers different representations of ani...
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  • Pudsey (Hardback)
    The most charming shaggy dog story you'll ever read.
    From £8.38
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  • Bullfight (Hardback)
    Ricardo B. Sanchez, Rosa ...
    Demonstrates that a bullfight is a ballet's pas de deux a...
  • Peta Tait
    Elephants, lions, tigers and leopards evoke fascination a...
    From £45.14
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