Limnology (freshwater)

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  • David Knighton
    Provides the forms developed by natural rivers and the pr...
    From £26.68
    Save £6.31
  • Rivers (Hardback)
    Paul Raven, Nigel Holmes
    Throughout British history rivers have been of profound e...
    From £23.33
    Save £11.67
  • Principles of Hydrology (Paperback / softback)
    Roy Ward, Mark Robinson, ...
    Takes a non mathematical looks at the principles and proc...
    From £47.01
    Save £12.98
  • Rivers (Hardback)
    Nigel Holmes, Paul Raven
    Includes information about each of the huge variety of ri...
  • London's Lost Rivers (Paperback / softback)
    Paul Talling
    From the sources of the Fleet in Hampstead's ponds to the...
    From £9.02
    Save £3.97
  • RIVER PROCESSES (Paperback)
    Andre Robert
    Deals with flow and sediment dynamics in alluvial channels.
    From £28.48
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  • Rivers and Floodplains (Paperback / softback)
    John S. Bridge
    Rivers and Floodplains is concerned with the origin, geom...
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  • The Middle East Water Question (v. 2) (Paperback)
    Tony Allan
    This text aims to remove much of the confusion surroundin...
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  • Angela King, Sue Clifford
    These three anthologies celebrating our natural environme...
  • The Nature of the Environment (Paperback / softback)
    Andrew S. Goudie
    The fourth edition of this highly acclaimed text on the n...
    From £45.82
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  • Global Hydrology (Paperback)
    J. A. A. Jones
    Illustrating the importance of understanding hydrological...
    From £44.16
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  • Gary L. Guymon
    This text-reference draws from many disciplines to explai...
    From £80.02
  • Hydrology and the River Environment (Paperback / softback)
    Malcolm Newson
    This undergraduate textbook is a guide to the scope and c...
    From £42.96
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  • Riverwoods (Hardback)
    Charles Kruvand, Thad Sit...
    In this stunning photographic tribute to one of Texas' mo...
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  • Ted J. Rulseh
    Why do fish jump?
    From £12.43
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  • Abhijit Mitra
    Readers will discover critical aspects of the chemistry o...
    From £92.47
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  • Riverwatch (Paperback)
    Mark Everard
    From £12.17
  • Wossenu Abtew, Shimelis Be...
    This book is about the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam ne...
    From £33.38
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