• Dryland Climatology (Paperback)
    Sharon E. Nicholson
    Provides a comprehensive overview of dryland climates and...
  • Mahesh K. Gaur, Victor R. ...
    This edited volume is devoted to the examination of the i...
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    Save £26.54
  • Glacier National Park (Paperback)
    George Bristol
    Takes readers on a journey through the history of Glacier...
    From £14.86
    Save £11.64
  • The Pilbara (Paperback)
    Bradon Ellem
    From £19.77
    Save £4.22
  • Sandra Rucksthuhl, Chris ...
    The countries that make up the MENA region display wide d...
    From £43.32
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  • Theodore H. Fleming, Kim K...
    "The book describes for a general natural history audienc...
    From £8.56
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  • Desert Life (Paperback)
    Karen Krebbs
    Desert Life spotlights more than 80 species of plants and...
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  • Michael A Mares
    From £39.37
  • The Polar Regions (Hardback)
    Adrian Howkins
    The environmental histories of the Arctic and Antarctica ...
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  • Extreme Earth (Hardback)
    Michael Martin
    A photographic exploration of the extremes of the Earth
    From £56.07
  • Alan Grainger
    Lands lost to desert may effectively be lost for ever, so...
    From £26.66
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  • The Desert (Hardback)
    Michael Welland
    From scorching seas of sand to glacial polar expanses, De...
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  • R. S. Singh, R. Bhargava
    In semi arid and arid regions of the country, a vast land...
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  • In the Kacch (Paperback)
    Kevin McGrath
    This personal narrative about life in a remote desert reg...
  • The Utah Prairie Dog (Paperback)
    Theodore G. Manno, John L....
    A prairie dog town is a busy place.
    From £19.84
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  • Desert Plants (Paperback)
    Kishan Gopal Ramawat
    Desert plants have evolved unique survival strategies to ...
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  • Andrew Jon Hund
    This one-stop reference is a perfect resource for anyone ...
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  • Christopher Norment
    Relicts of a Beautiful Sea: Survival, Extinction, and Con...
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