• Joanne Cormac
    Do you know a capella from zarzuela, or your major from y...
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  • Jack Hamilton
    When Jimi Hendrix died, the idea of a black man playing l...
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  • Deborah Curtis
    Idolized by his fans, Ian Curtis left behind a legacy ric...
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  • Twee (Paperback)
    Marc Spitz
    New York Times, Spin, and Vanity Fair contributor Marc Sp...
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  • Darren Henley, Sam Jackson
    The 50 moments that changed classical music forever, by t...
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  • Frozen (Paperback)
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  • Top of the Pops (Hardback)
    Patrick Humphries, Steve ...
    'It's Number One - it's Top of the Pops'.
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  • Sounds Like London (Paperback)
    Lloyd Bradley
    Explores the influence of immigrant cultures on the capit...
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  • Man Vibes (Paperback)
    Donna P. Hope
    Explores Jamaican masculinity through the male-dominated ...
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  • Lisa Nola
    Suitable for music lovers of different stripes, this book...
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  • Keep Smiling (Paperback)
    Charlotte Church
    The revealing, honest and very funny autobiography of Cha...
  • Factory Records (Paperback)
    Matthew Robertson, Tony W...
    Provides an overview of the artwork of the seminal Manche...
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  • Beyond the Soundtrack (Paperback)
    Daniel Goldmark, Lawrence ...
    This groundbreaking collection by the most distinguished ...
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  • Music for New Media (Paperback)
    Paul Hoffert
  • Leslie Bricusse, Anthony Ne...
  • Popular Music Genres (Paperback)
    Stuart Borthwick, Ron Moy
    An accessible introduction to the study of popular music,...
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  • Abbey Road (Paperback)
    Brian Southall, Peter Vin...
    Introduces readers to Abbey Road's fascinating history - ...
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  • Pierre Bernac, Winifred R...
    First published in 1970, this work on the art of the Fren...
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