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  • Timothy O'Riordan
    Environmental Science for Environmental Management has qu...
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  • Biodiversity (Paperback)
    Kevin J. Gaston, John I. ...
    CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD ARTWORK This concise introductory...
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  • David Holmgren
    Permaculture: Principles and Pathways Beyond Sustainabili...
  • Urban Land Economics (Paperback)
    Jack Harvey, Ernie Jowsey
    It clearly shows how economic analysis can be applied to ...
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  • J. D. Hansom, John Gordon
    Antarctica is perceived as a potential source of marine, ...
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  • William J. Sutherland, Dav...
    The essential habitat by habitat guide to conservation ma...
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  • Bittersweet Brexit (Paperback)
    Charlie Clutterbuck
    An optimistic solution to the post-Brexit crisis in Brita...
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  • Daniel McFadden, Kenneth ...
    Contingent valuation is a survey-based procedure that att...
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  • Gianluca Polgar, Zeehan J...
    This book informs readers on the ecology, ecosystem servi...
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  • Vanishing America (Hardback)
    Miles A. Powell
    Miles Powell explores how early conservationists became c...
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  • The New Wild (Hardback)
    Fred Pearce
    A provocative exploration of the `new ecology' and why mo...
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  • Rambunctious Garden (Paperback)
    Emma Marris
  • Jonathan M. Harris, Brian ...
    Harris and Roach present a compact and accessible present...
  • Permaculture Design (Paperback)
    In this unique, full colour guide, experienced permacultu...
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  • Climate Savvy (Paperback)
    Lara J. Hansen, Jennifer R...
    Climate change experts Lara
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  • Meat (Paperback)
    Simon Fairlie
    Meat: A Benign Extravagance is an exploration of the diff...
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  • Kenneth John Gregory
    Lively, engaging introduction to geomorphology and earth ...
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  • Oil (Paperback)
    Vaclav Smil
    World acclaimed scientist Vaclav Smil reveals everything ...