Pollution & threats to the environment

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  • David Holmgren
    Permaculture: Principles and Pathways Beyond Sustainabili...
    From £11.22
    Save £8.73
  • Andrew R. W. Jackson, Juli...
    The second edition of this text has been fuly updated wit...
    From £49.72
    Save £1.27
  • J. D. Hansom, John Gordon
    Antarctica is perceived as a potential source of marine, ...
    From £52.32
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  • Nick Buxton, Ben Hayes
    A collection of essays discussing how the elite exploit t...
    From £13.83
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  • Meltdown in Tibet (Hardback)
    Michael Buckley
    An expert on Tibet chronicles the ruthless Chinese push t...
    From £16.36
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  • Rob White
    A systematic and critical discussion of the nature of env...
    From £46.17
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  • Natural Capital (Paperback)
    Peter M. Kareiva, Heather ...
    The editors have assembled the world's leading scientists...
    From £38.12
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  • High Tech Trash (Paperback)
    Elizabeth Grossman
    An environmental journalist reveals that digital may be s...
    From £12.54
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  • C. Paul Nathanail, R. Paul...
    Land contamination is of global concern with many of the ...
    From £34.12
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  • David D. Kemp
    Global warming, ozone depletion, drought, acid rain - the...
    From £33.27
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  • Atmospheric Pollution (Paperback)
    Mark Z. Jacobson
    Accessible introductory textbook for students and researc...
  • Pier Luigi Nimis, Christop...
    Proceedings of the NATO Advanced Research Workshop on Lic...
    From £125.22
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  • Silent Spring (Paperback)
    Rachel Carson, Rt. Hon. Lo...
    Exposes the destruction of wildlife through the widesprea...
    From £7.09
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  • Uncommon Ground (Paperback)
    William Cronon
    A controversial, timely reassessment of the environmental...
    From £9.51
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  • Shengrui Wang, Zhihao Wu
    This book focuses on the development of DGT (diffusive gr...
    From £94.79
  • Trash Talks (Hardback)
    Elizabeth V. Spelman
    Our relation to rejectamenta includes much more than shed...
    From £19.27
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  • Concrete Jungles (Paperback)
    Rivke Jaffe
    Concrete Jungles explores the hidden geographies of injus...
    From £15.29
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  • Our Daily Poison (Paperback)
    Marie-Monique Robin
    The result of a rigorous two-year investigation that took...
    From £12.81
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